10 Best Corded Electric String Trimmers

If you’re worried about how your yard looks, you might want to invest in the best corded electric string trimmer. These tools are great for polishing up your yard and making it nice.

You may have heard of a string trimmer by a variety of other names. It’s often also called a “weed wacker,” “weed eater,” “line trimmer,” and more.

In the end, there are plenty of different types of string trimmers. However, opting for a corded, electric option means that you don’t have to worry about a battery dying.

This gives you more time to work when you’re out in your yard. Plus, you don’t have to worry about remembering to charge a battery before getting started with a corded weed wacker.

However, there are still plenty of options even within this category. That’s why, here, we’re breaking down what you need to know about string trimmers.

10 Best Corded Electric String Trimmers

1. Toro 51480 Corded Electric Trimmer

Toro 51480 Corded Electric Trimmer

Toro offers a reliable solution for everyone with their corded electric string trimmers. It’s even more helpful thanks to its degree of adjustability.

In all, this corded electric trimmer measures out to an adjustable length. That being said, it’s also telescopic, allowing you to adjust the reach for different situations.

You can even rely on the assist handle to increase balance and comfort while you reach where you need to.

It even features a 14-inch dual-line cutting head. This means that it cuts faster and with a large swath to make your job as easy as possible.

You can depend on the automatic feed line this electric trimmer has too. This way, there’s not a worry about having to manually wind the line periodically.

The Toro model also features a five amp motor. This will help it to power through rough patches with thick grass or weeds without a struggle.

As far as natural degradation, rust won’t be a problem for this weed eater. The aluminum shaft won’t rust when exposed to the elements.

2. Greenworks Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks Corded String Trimmer

The Greenworks trimmer is ideal if you want something smaller and easy to use. It’s made to be lightweight with a total weight that measures in at just over seven pounds.

This does come with a slight trade-off, though. Because the trimmer is built light, it’s best in medium or small yards rather than bigger, heavy-duty projects.

As for cutting swath, this string trimmer features a 13-inch cut pathway. This allows you to make progress in no time on your projects.

If you need more precision, just turn the shaft around. This will give you the chance to do some accurate and simple edging to get the results you want.

You can also rely on this string trimmer for its dual-line auto-feed. With this, you won’t have to take time to manually feed and wind your string.

Conveniently, this string trimmer features a cord lock feature. This will help to reduce the chances of accidentally unplugging it while you work.

With a telescopic shaft, this model is useful for any height as well.

3. Black + Decker High-Performance Electric String Trimmer

Black + Decker High-Performance Electric String Trimmer

Black + Decker is a brand that many people who use power tools have come to trust. With their electric string trimmer, they’ve proved once again that they’re a brand to depend on.

It’s a versatile choice that fits your needs whether they’re precise or overarching. You can use a quick latch release to switch from general trimming to their Groom N’ Edge mode.

The string trimmer also has a wheeled edge guide. With this, it’s easy to get a precise cut in tough spots that you might otherwise struggle with.

The wheeled edge is also great for getting the edges of your yard too. It’s excellent for added precision to give you the accuracy you want.

Speaking of tough spots, you also don’t need to worry about rough patches in your yard. The electric string trimmer is designed to make it through tough grass, weeds, and overgrowth without a problem.

4. Craftsman String Trimmer

Craftsman String Trimmer

Craftsman is a brand that’s trusted just as much as Black + Decker. So, it only stands to reason that there is a Craftsman model represented here.

The string trimmer features a 6.5 amp motor. This is strong enough to handle almost anything you throw at it – such as tough overgrowth.

It uses a push button feed system too. As such, you can control the line feed with a single push rather than doing so manually.

You can even rely on the wheeled edger that this string trimmer features. This will help you precisely and efficiently cut edges around sidewalks and driveways with no problem.

It features an ergonomic handle for comfortable extended use as well. With a telescopic shaft, you can adjust it to fit your height.

In all, this string trimmer features a cutting swath of 14 inches. This is done with a 0.065-inch line.

You won’t have to worry about replacements anytime soon either. This string trimmer comes with a pair of replacement stools to keep you stocked up.

5. Sun Joe 2-In-1 Stringless Lawn Trimmer

Sun Joe 2-In-1 Stringless Lawn Trimmer

The Sun Joe lawn trimmer stands out for a few different reasons. Among the most unique, though, is that this is a completely stringless lawn trimmer.

This is because the trimmer has a built-in blade rather than a reloading coil of string. This helps save you time and money on replacement strings, giving this trimmer an advantage.

This is a low-maintenance option too. Even though it has a set blade, you don’t need to worry about effectiveness thanks to the self-sharpening design.

You can take advantage of the adjustability of the lawn trimmer as well. The telescoping shaft will help to cater to the height of a variety of users.

You don’t need to sacrifice speed or precision for these advantages either. It still has an impressive cutting swath of 12.6 inches supported by a 4.5-amp motor.

Users can even quickly adapt to the type of cutting and trimming they’re doing. The model converts from a general trimmer to a more detail-oriented edger in no time at all.

6. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Corded Electric String Trimmer

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Corded Electric String Trimmer

The corded version of the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools trimmer is a powerful choice. It offers a total of four amps to support the trimmer.

Even better, this is a versatile string trimmer as well as a powerful and reliable one. It has a cutting head that can be positioned three different ways to cater to your needs.

This includes adjusting the cutting width. It can range anywhere from 11 to 13 inches wide.

Users can also depend on the auto-feed feature. This saves you some of the manual upkeep of your string trimmer.

You can even adjust the handle and the length of the shaft on this string trimmer. This lets you work in a way that is the most comfortable and beneficial for you.

To help with the fact that corded string trimmers may come unplugged during use, this string trimmer has a solution. It has built-in cord retention that will help reduce how much the cord gets in your way.

7. Earthwise Corded Electric String Trimmer

Earthwise Corded Electric String Trimmer

The Earthwise string trimmer runs on a powerful 2.4-amp motor. While this isn’t the most powerful motor on the list, it will still get you through tough weeds and grass.

Since this is a two-handed tool, Earthwise also put a focus on providing comfort to its users. For one, the handle is adjustable with support to offer you some flexibility.

Flexibility is further considered in this design by the telescopic shaft. This will let you adjust the string trimmer to your height for convenient and comfortable use.

You can use this string trimmer in a variety of situations as well. You can take advantage of the three adjustable head positions to suit your current needs.

This varies not only the angle of the cutting head but the cutting swath as well. For instance, the lawn edger position has a cutting swath of nine inches.

This is also a low-maintenance option that you won’t have to expend much energy on for upkeep.

8. Black + Decker String Trimmer with Auto Feed

Black + Decker String Trimmer with Auto Feed

Black + Decker is back on the list again with another string trimmer that you can rely on. This time, the trimmer features a 6.5-amp motor and spins at 8,000 RPM.

The string trimmer is an option that features an unadjustable length of 37.6 inches. This is a solid average length that should work for most people.

You can use this electric string trimmer anywhere you need it too. With a design that suits everything from sidewalks and driveways to flower beds, the options are endless.

It even has an automatic feed for the string. This means that you won’t have to manually wind the string yourself.

On top of that, the string trimmer features a cord retention system. This is made to ensure that you don’t have any accidental disconnects from your power source while you work.

At just over three pounds, this is a lightweight model. In other words, you won’t run into any trouble while you’re trying to maneuver it around your yard.

9. Weed Eater Store Electric Corded String Trimmer

Weed Eater Store Electric Corded String Trimmer

The Weed Eater Store has a fairly singular purpose, as their name suggests. They delivered well with this string trimmer.

The full power of the string trimmer comes from a 4.2-amp motor. This is enough to power through any tough grass or weeds you might have.

That being said, it’s best not to overwork this string trimmer. It’s best suited to average to smaller-sized yards.

This is also a trimmer that you can adjust to meet your needs. At its baseline, though, it offers a cutting swath of 14 inches.

You can rely on this to easily convert to change the angle to what you need. All you need to do is use the foot pedal to move the head as you need it to adjust.

For even further adjustability, you can rely on the telescoping shaft that this string trimmer offers. This will let you adjust the length to fit your height and let you use it comfortably.

10. Remington Lasso Electric Straight Shaft Trimmer and Edger

Remington Lasso Electric Straight Shaft Trimmer and Edger

The Remington Lasso string trimmer is made to cater to all your needs. That’s why it has a two-in-one trimmer and edger design.

To put this another way, you’ll be able to trim every part of your yard. No matter if you need to clean up edges or generally trim a wider swath, it’s there for you.

This is helped along by the level of rotation that the handle has. In total, you can adjust the head of the string trimmer 180 degrees to suit your goals in the moment.

While this is a fairly powerful string trimmer with a motor of 5.5 amps, it’s not catered to a large yard. It’s better suited to handling smaller yards and localized tasks.

The string trimmer is a straight shaft option but that doesn’t mean it’s solely catered to taller users. It has a telescoping shaft to help cater to what you need to fit your height.

As for safety, it features a large debris guard to protect you. This won’t allow debris to fly up toward you while you work.

Black + Decker eletric corded string trimmer

Corded Electric String Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

When you’re looking around at corded electric string trimmers, you might be wondering what features to look for. After all, it’s the individual features that set these string trimmers apart from one another.

You don’t have to worry, though! If you feel like you’re overwhelmed by all your options, we’re here to help you out.

In this section, we’ll break down the things you need to know about different corded electric string trimmers.

Power Source

Obviously, in this guide, we’re taking a look at electric string trimmers with a corded power source. This means they work when they’re plugged directly into a wall.

This has several advantages to it. The main one is that you don’t have to worry about running out of power while you work.

There is the downside to a corded electric string trimmer that it works within a specific range. This means you’ll want to pay close attention to cord length.

If your yard is large, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a string trimmer with a longer cord. You can also take advantage of the use of an extension cord for extra reach as well.

String Trimmer Head

Single-Line vs. Dual-Line Heads and Cutting Swath

You can also choose whether you want a string trimmer with a single-line or dual-line head. Generally, dual-line heads hold the advantage here but both get the job done.

Dual-line heads offer twice the cutting power per revolution. This means that they’ll trim faster and get the job done quicker.

The only downside to single-line heads is that they are slightly slower. This is because they work on the simple principle of feeding line through.

While this sounds like it might be related to cutting swath, that’s actually a second measurement. The cutting swath refers to how wide of a path the string trimmer cuts.

On the one hand, a wide cutting swath often means a job done quicker. Conversely, you can rely on a smaller cutting swath to get a more precise cut.

Automatic Feed Heads

To save time on manually reloading the string in your string trimmer, look for an automatic feed head. These rely on centrifugal force to add the line to the feed.

Since this is done automatically, you don’t have to worry about stopping as often to fix the feed. This saves you time and boosts efficiency.

Similarly, you can also look for fast-loading spools for your corded electric string trimmer. These allow you to insert a new line and wind it appropriately without taking apart or even removing the spool.

Fixed-line heads are also similar in principle. These will allow you to load in pre-cut pieces of line without requiring you to take the time to wind it. 

Shaft Shape

When you’re looking at string trimmers, the shaft is the core of the trimmer. This is what extends the trimmer head apart from where you hold it.

You have two main options in this case: you can either opt for a curved or straight shaft. Each of these has its own benefits.

If you’re taller, you’ll likely want to choose a straight shaft. These shafts are longer and let you trim your yard without having to kneel or bend over.

On the other hand, curved shafts on string trimmers are best for shorter people. Since they aren’t as long from end to end, you don’t have to worry as much about them being unwieldy.

If you aren’t sure what would work better for you, you can stop by your local hardware store. Here, you can try out holding a few different models to see what feels the most comfortable.

There are additional benefits to the shape of the shaft regarding what types of areas are more accessible.

A tall, straight shaft will work well at reaching under obstacles like decks or brush. Alternatively, curved shafts are great for tight areas since it’s easier to control.

You can also opt for a string trimmer with an adjustable length. These let you alter the working height that the string trimmer boasts.

String trimmer cuts the grass

Cutting Head Gap

A smaller detail you’ll want to consider if you can is the gap between the cutting head and shaft. The larger this gap is, the more careful you’ll want to be.

Larger gaps leave more room for long grass to get caught wrapped around the shaft. This can slow your work process and even potentially damage your trimmer.

In other words, with a corded electric string trimmer with a large gap, it’s best to avoid tall grass.

Safety Features

One of the biggest safety features to look for on a string trimmer is a shield. You should make sure that this is a feature that is present for a model to be considered reliable.

The shield should sit over the main mechanism of the string trimmer at the end of the shaft. It’s usually made of plastic and keeps any debris from flying up towards you while you use it.

That being said, you should also remember to wear protective gear when you use a string trimmer. This includes wearing protective eyewear, sturdy shoes, and long pants over shorts.

The good news is that electric corded string trimmers are a quieter type of model. As such, you don’t have to worry about hearing protection as much as with a gas-powered model.


String trimmers are great tools to have around the house. They can help you with bigger projects as well as just in cleaning up corners and edges in your yard.

Yet, just like any other electronic, it’s important to make sure you find something safe that works for you. That means that you should be selective when you’re looking around.

Luckily, after reading this guide, you have all the information you need to make the right choice. We’ve broken down everything you need to know from the shaft shape down to the safety features.

On top of that, we also gave you 10 reliable options to choose from as well. So, you don’t have to start your search off when you aren’t sure where to go.

Each of these options has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Among them, you’ll be able to find something that suits your unique wants and needs.

Now that you have this information with you, finding the right model for you will be a breeze. You can venture out and make sure your lawn looks exactly the way you want it to!