15 Best All-Natural and Safe Deer Repellents

Are you tired of your garden being attacked by deer? Have your plants been chewed and damaged beyond repair? Are hoof marks common throughout your lawn? You need to find the best deer repellent – pronto!

Deer repellents are simple but effective in discouraging one of nature’s biggest pests from visiting your garden. These repellents act in a variety of ways including using smells and sounds to alert the deer and scare them away, and cause no harm to any animals in the process.

Deer repellents are humane, eco-friendly ways of bolstering your garden’s defenses. Many come with added benefits including beautiful smells like peppermint or spice or give plants added protection against other pests too, including mice, elk, and moose.

The result will be healthier, safer plants and a garden which is allowed to grow in total peace. Below are 15 of the best deer repellents which we think offer the best defense against pesky deer. We’re confident your garden will thrive under their protection.

15 of the Best Deer Repellents:

1. Deer Out 1 Gallon Ready-to-Use Deer Repellent

Deer Out 1 Gallon Ready-to-Use Deer Repellent

This ready-to-use deer repellent is an all-natural, pleasant smelling repellent that will stop deer from eating your flowers, shrubs, plants, and trees.

With a minty fresh scent, this repellent will also enhance the smell of your garden whilst keeping it safe! We also love that it is 100% made from natural ingredients; be rest assured there are no harmful chemicals or poisons are included.

This repellent is also ready-to-use and can be used to protect your garden immediately. As it doesn’t wash off, it’s a helpful repellent throughout spring, summer, fall, and winter.

2. Enviro Deer Scram Repellent

Enviro Deer Scram Repellent

Repel deer before they get close to your plants with this deer scream granular repellent.

As the deer scram protects your garden, it also biodegrades into high nitrogen organic nutrients, giving your plants nourishment. Containing no synthetic additives, this product is non-toxic and will not harm animals or the environment.

As a granular product, this deer scram is easy to apply and is resistant to both snow and rain. Most importantly, it does not have an unpleasant odor to humans – but rather, only discourages unwanted animals from returning to your garden.

3. Orbit Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Orbit Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Keep animals and pests away from your plants with this harmless motion-activated sprinkler system from Orbit.

With a unique day and night detection system, this sprinkler will give you 24-hour protection and huge flexibility; only activate it when you need it to.

This sprinkler is incredibly easy to install and use. Simply press the spike into the soil to firmly hold the yard enforcer in place. The sprinkler can spray up to 70 feet in diameter, covering 3,840 sq. ft. when set to a full circle.

One of the most impressive things about this sprinkler is it’s sensing technology, which helps it distinguish between trees blowing in the wind and animals. This ensures optimum water and battery conservation and maximum protection for your garden.

4. I Must Garden Deer Repellent (Spice Scent)

I Must Garden Deer Repellent (Spice Scent)

This deer repellent promises reliability, durability, and a pleasant spice scent to help protect your garden from harmful pests and unwanted attention.

How does it work? This repellent contains natural ingredients that make plants inedible for deer. Powerful botanical oils are also highly irritating to a deer’s sense of smell too.

What we love most about this repellent is that it contains no toxic chemicals, meaning that while deer stay away, it is still safe for plants, pets, and important pollinators like bees and butterflies who you want visiting your garden.

With a pleasant spice-smell, this repellent also has a strong natural sticking agent that provides long-lasting protection on plant leaves, even after average rainfall.

This repellent is safe to spray directly on any plants that are being damaged by deer. New leaf, flower, and bud growth can also be touched up without the fear of burning or over-spraying.

This product makes 2.5 gallons of repellent and covers up to 10,000 sq. ft., giving you both incredible value and protection.

5. GARDEN SECRETS Compact Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

GARDEN SECRETS Compact Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

This ultrasonic animal repellent promises almost immediate protection against deer and other unwanted pests such as pigeons, skunks, and mice.

How does it work? The powerful ultrasonic creates an unpleasant living environment for wild animals, and they will start to leave your property.

The ultra-powerful ultrasonic system is 100% quiet and is set at a frequency completely undetectable to the human ear. This means it can work even during the night without disrupting anyone’s sleep!

No need to rely on hazardous chemicals, pesticides, or sprays anymore. This repellent is humane and does not have a negative odor! The ultrasonic system covers 550 sq. ft. and is resistant to light rain.

A powerful solar panel included means that this repellent system will save you both time and money, as it charges batteries automatically even on low-sun days.

6. Plant Saver All Natural Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Plant Saver All Natural Deer & Rabbit Repellent

An environmentally friendly way to save your plants, bushes, and trees from pesky deer and rabbits, this repellent covers approximately 5,000 sq. ft. and is suitable for a variety of gardens.

We particularly like how easy this repellent is to use. Simply fill each small planet saver bag with up to 2 tbsp. of repellent and tie the bag shut. Hang the filled bag on a plant, stake, or fence every 4-6 feet around your garden’s perimeter.!

For increased effectiveness, you can move bags closer together and/or sprinkle the product on the ground. This repellent doesn’t wash off in rain or snow and can last up to 6 months in bag form, or 2 months if applied directly onto the ground.

7. Messina Wildlife Deer Stopper Quart Concentrate

Messina Wildlife Deer Stopper Quart Concentrate

This all-natural repellent is a highly effective solution to protect fruits, vegetables, shrubs, and trees from deer, moose, and elk. Using food-grade ingredients, it dries clear and also has a pleasant smell!

An easy to use organic formula means this repellent means this will not stain, burn, or discolor plants it is near. Regardless of the weather or watering, this repellent is effective for 30 days.

We’re impressed with how easy it is to use, too. Simply spray a fine mist to apply and protection is assured. All-natural ingredients also mean that it is safe to use around children, pets, and edible vegetation.

8. Bobbex Ready to Use Deer Repellent with E-Z Pump Sprayer

Bobbex Ready to Use Deer Repellent with E-Z Pump Sprayer

Made with all-natural and recycled ingredients, this effective deer repellent from Bobbex is applied directly on the surface of foliage to protect your garden efficiently and effectively.

Made with a blend of ingredients that include active proteins, this repellent significantly reduces deer predation and works all year round. It doesn’t wash off during rain, irrigation, or normal watering of plants either.

Perfect for shrubs, flowers, forest trees, and vegetables not yet bearing fruit, the repellent covers over 1,500 sq. ft. and is harmless to humans, pets, birds, and aquatic life as it contains no Petri-chemicals.

9. Hoont Cobra Yard and Garden Motion Activated Water Blaster

Hoont Cobra Yard and Garden Motion Activated Water Blaster

The ultimate humane animal deterrent that drives away unwanted visitors to your garden, this repellent utilizes a harmless jet of water to keep plants safe and protected.

With no chemicals, traps, or pesticides used, this harmless spray of water deters deer and other animals from exploring your garden. When movement is detected, a jet of water is activated for 5 seconds within a range of 30 feet.

The clicking noise of the sprinkler effectively startles animals away from your area too. The sprinkler has an advanced detection system that conserves water and is highly efficient in its use.

With no chemicals, traps, or pesticides used, this harmless spray of water deters deer and other animals from exploring your garden.

Safe with both children and pets, this repellent promises easy setup with no tools or mechanical skills necessary – simply connect the hose, stick the included metal garden spike into the ground, and adjust your water spray preference!

10. Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

This repellent from Liquid Fence uses a scent- and taste-deterring formula that deters deer, rabbits, and other unwanted animals from coming to your garden and damaging your plants.

As this repellent works on scent, deer do not need to have eaten your plants for this repellent to get to work – they have a natural aversion to the smell and so will be repelled before getting too close. The result is an invisible barrier that maximizes protection.

You can also apply it all year-round, making it an effective repellent regardless of the season. No need to rotate with other brands. Apply once during a dry period; repeat the application a week later, then approximately once per month thereafter.

In areas of intense feeding, spray once per week for 3 weeks, then once per month thereafter, this ready-to-spray hose-end concentrate starts to work immediately.

The repellent is also rain-resistant and will therefore suit a variety of garden and plant types including landscaped ornamental gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees, and vines.

11. Shake Away Deer Repellent Granules

Shake Away Deer Repellent Granules

This deer repellent is a non-toxic, organic way to effectively eliminate deer problems from your garden.

How does it work? The repellent takes advantage of the predator-prey relationship by using coyote urine to deter deer from browsing your garden and eating plants.

It’s an easy way to apply time-released urine-impregnated granules that aim to replicate the animals’ natural instincts. Long-lasting and effective, the granules are made of a porous, swellable, inorganic mineral that is weather resistant.

This repellent equally works well on other large pests including elk, armadillos, and wild boar.

12. GARDEN SECRETS 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

GARDEN SECRETS 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

This ultrasonic animal repellent is an immediate solution for a variety of garden pests including deer, rodents, pigeons, rabbits, and more.

The system is 100% quiet as it’s frequency is completely undetectable to a human ear. This means it won’t disturb children or neighbors throughout the day and night. A powerful solar panel included will also charge batteries, saving you time, effort, and money!

No chemicals involved means this deer repellent is safe for children and plants alike. The powerful ultrasonic creates an unpleasant living environment for the animals, and they will start to leave your property; a very humane alternative to protecting your garden.

100% waterproof and covering an area of 550 sq. ft., this repellent is incredibly simple to install and use. Just remove from the box, open the back cover, adjust operating time, frequency, and add voice sounds (if you want to!)

Stick the ground or hang on a wall, and enjoy a property free of pests!

13. Zomma Ultrasonic Animal Repellent with Motion Sensor and Flashing Lights

Zomma Ultrasonic Animal Repellent with Motion Sensor and Flashing Lights

This repellent is eco-friendly and has no chemical components. The passive infrared sensor detects motion and triggers a tone that human ears cannot detect. The result? Common outdoor pests are chased away.

The ultrasonic signal given off by this repellent will scare a variety of unwanted animals from your garden. It’s not advised, however, to have this repellent if you have pets, including dogs and cats.

Weatherproof and suitable to work all year-round, we particularly love how this system is solar-powered, is cordless, and rechargeable. Highly efficient and with lower power consumption, it can be installed in-ground with the provided spike, or hung on the wall, depending on your need.

14. PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent

PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent

Repelling everything from deer, foxes, raccoons, and bears, this predator deterrent is tough, resilient, and long-lasting to give the ultimate protection for your garden.

This is an ideal deterrent to protect livestock, chicken coops, trash bins as well as gardens, orchards, and vineyards. Being solar-powered, this system automatically charges itself and turns on at night and off during the day. Set it up once and your garden can grow in peace.

How does it work? The deterrent lights emit a powerful flash of light via twin red LED lights that animals think are the eyes of a larger predator. This triggers the flight response in wild animals and makes them flee the area.

An alternating flashing pattern with the light ensures animals do not become used to the lights.

15. Deer Repel – Repellent Pouches

Deer Repel - Repellent Pouches

Your deer problems stop here, with this long-lasting repellent that promises to be both powerful and effective in protecting plants, flowers, trees, and gardens from deer and other unwelcome pests.

These pouches are rain resistant and are made from natural ingredients, with no harmful chemicals or poisons used. The spiced scent they omit is pleasant for humans and will help enhance your garden’s appeal, whilst also deterring deer, rabbit, and other pests from visiting your garden.

We love how easy these repellent pouches are to use. Simply hang or stake the pouches near plants or trees that you want to protect. Ideally, you should create a perimeter around your garden that ensures maximum protection and allows your plants to thrive.

deers eating garden plants

Deer Repellent Buyer’s Guide:

What should I consider when choosing the best deer repellent?

We picked the above deer repellent products for several reasons.

All of them use high-quality ingredients and a variety of methods means you are bound to find the perfect solution for your deer problem. Some are different in how they work, and it depends on what you and your garden need to which will serve you best.

Below are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the best deer repellent:

Scare tactics – some deer repellents act on fear. While this might sound cruel, it is important to remember this is a harmless way of moving deer away from your garden.

These repellents use a variety of methods to do this, including lights and noise. This could be an effective pest control especially if you are protecting livestock or chicken coops in your garden.

Smell – many repellents use smells to keep deer away. When picking such a repellent, make sure to choose one which is pleasantly scented, such as with spice or peppermint.

That means that whilst the deer will keep away, your garden will also smell gorgeous and refreshing!

Ultimately it may be useful to use a variety of smell and scare tactics to maintain protection and keep deer wary of your garden.

Pet friendly – especially if you have pets, one thing to ensure when buying a repellent is its effect on household animals including dogs and cats, and also garden birds. The best deer repellent will focus solely on wild animals.

Perimeter – when protecting your garden, make sure your deer repellent can protect your entire garden so that some deer won’t ‘slip through the cracks’.

How? Aim to create a barrier around the perimeter of our garden. Some repellent can be spread easily along walls or hedges, others may cover only a certain sq. ft.

Weatherproof – if your garden is susceptible to extreme weather including drought or rainy weather, try and pick a deer repellent that works well in your given climate. For example, many repellents work well during rain or damp conditions. Others, such as ultrasonic noisemakers are solar-powered and thrive in direct sunlight.

deer eating plant

What kind of plants should you grow, and where?

While deer are wild animals (and as such are unpredictable), they do tend to enjoy eating specific plants more than others. Knowing which plants deer enjoy most can help you limit their impact by ensuring these plants are prioritized, implementing various repellents that work together, or by choosing to grow a wider variety of plants.

For the most part, deer tend to avoid ornamental grasses and plants which have a strong taste (mint, lemon, or are bitter/spicy). Deer find flowers that have unfavorable textures, such as sea holly and cotoneaster, very hard to enjoy and tend to avoid them.

Deer love fresh growth which is both tasty and easier for them to forage from. For this reason, thorny plants such as roses can still fall victim to deer. Younger plants will need more care and protection against deer, especially in the early days and weeks of development.

Similarly, older and more established trees and shrubs will benefit from added protection from deer. Younger saplings, however, are vulnerable and will need a deer repellent to be fully protected.

Where you plant can also have a big impact on deer destroying your gardens. Planting flowers and vegetables closer to your house or where there is increased human activity and noise (such as paths, roads) can discourage deer from visiting your garden.


After spending time and money developing the garden of your dreams, the last thing you want is your green paradise being eaten by pests.

Deer in particular threaten gardens due to their size and appetite. It stands to reason then, that finding the best deer repellent is essential in protecting both your plants and your hard work.

Whether it’s through smell repellents, ultrasonic noises, or scare tactics, the best deer repellents work in a humane-way where no animal is harmed. Many come with no chemicals or poisons and are pet and child-friendly.

Deer repellents are developed specifically to address your deer problem and don’t cause any additional problems for you. In fact, many deer repellents come with additional benefits for you and your garden including enhanced smells such as peppermint or spices.

Many of the best deer repellents are also multi-purpose, discouraging other pests such as elk, moose, mice, raccoons, foxes, and more from visiting your garden too!

When you find the best deer repellent, your garden will be given the best defense against being eaten and damaged. The result? A garden that is more manageable, healthier, and safer.