Best Garden Kneeler and Seat for Comfy Gardening

Gardening is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can do. But sadly, it often comes at a price.

That price being sore knees, sore joints, and sore back.

If that all sounds too familiar, then you need to invest in something that will help you and your body – you need the best garden kneeler and seat.

Garden kneelers help support your knees by keeping them off the tough, cold ground. The best ones are made with shock-absorbant foam that takes all the pressure from your joints, no matter how low you bend down.

No need to invest in two separate tools either, as the best kneelers can easily be transformed into comfortable seats and garden benches with just a simple flip.

Gardening from a seated position means you can comfortably tend to larger, higher flowers and shrubs without damaging your back by arching down.

With better quality work and better posture, buying a garden kneeler and seat makes perfect sense. With that in mind, we’ve picked 10 of the best garden kneeling benches on the market.

The 10 Best Garden Kneeler and Seats

1. TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat with 2 Large Tool Pouches

TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat with 2 Large Tool Pouches

Say goodbye to sore knees, hands, and stained clothes with this impressive garden kneeler and seat from TomCare.

You can use this garden kneeler in two ways; a soft, wide pad can support your knees when gardening at lower levels and takes all pressure off your joints. Your body never comes in contact with the tough, cold ground underneath.

Simply flip the kneeler over and transform it into a comfortable garden chair or bench. With a height of 17.3 inches, the chair is perfectly suited for you to continue gardening in a seated position or can be simply used for some well-deserved rest.

The whole structure of the garden kneeler is made of solid steel, which is durable and ensures long service. And as it only weighs 7.43 lbs in total, it can be easily carried from one corner of your garden to the next.

Lastly, we love that there are two large, useful tool pouches included, each with 4 large pockets. These pouches ensure you are always well-equipped whenever you are gardening, and everything you need will be within arm’s reach.


  • Lightweight at 7.43 lbs, and can hold an impressive 330 lbs
  • A chair height of 17.3 inches allows you to continue gardening when seated
  • Two large pouches included can hold a variety of tools

2. Abco Garden Kneeler And Seat With Tool Pouch

Abco Garden Kneeler And Seat With Tool Pouch

This garden kneeler and seat are a must-have for gardeners who care about their body just as much as their flowers, as it offers you great comfort and support.

Made with a soft foam padding, your knees will always be cushioned and protected from the ground. We also love the two-handle feature, which offers essential support for when you are kneeling and want to get back into a standing position.

Made from strong metallic, this frame is durable and long-lasting. Simply hold the handles and lower or rise comfortably an unlimited amount of times. Simply flip the kneeler over to use as a garden bench or comfortable seat.

Despite being strong, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to carry at just 6.84 lbs. It’s also very simple to store – fold flat in the blink of an eye, where it takes up little to no room. This is an ideal seat for space-conscious gardeners as it can be folded up and compacted with ease.

Lastly, this garden kneeler comes with a tool pouch to conveniently hold gardening tools. Also included are a pair of digging gloves which ensure you can get to work immediately.


  • Foldable design makes carrying and storing easy
  • Comes with a touch pouch and pair of digging gloves
  • The strong metallic frame ensures durability and long life

3. Garden Kneeler and Seat with Tool Pouches and Pruning Shears

Garden Kneeler and Seat with Tool Pouches and Pruning Shears

With unmatched comfort and an abundance of accessories, this garden kneeler and seat will help support your body throughout all your garden endeavors.

This garden kneeler is made of 1” thick, high-quality steel tubing and thick EVA foam for its 3 cushions. EVA foam is a flexible, rubber-like substance that absorbs shock and pressure and is incredibly easy to clean.

Two solid steel handles on both sides offer assistance in kneeling and rising, saving your back and knees whilst gardening.

Four detachable protectors help prevent sliding on or damaging hard floor surfaces, making this kneeler incredibly durable and long-lasting.

This kneeler easily holds up to 330 lbs. of weight without slipping or wobbling, and a spring mechanism means you can pack it away in a near-instant after gardening.

When packed away, this kneeler is incredibly compact and is ideal for taking in the car or long breaks away as a comfortable, portable chair.

We love the additional accessories which come too, including the previously mentioned pouches, a seed organizer, and pruning shears.

Lastly, when packed away, this kneeler is incredibly compact and is ideal for taking in the car or long breaks away as a comfortable, portable chair.


  • 3 EVA foam cushions offer enhanced support
  • Is lightweight to carry, and can hold 330 lbs.
  • Spring mechanism ensures quick packing up
  • Comes with 2 large pouches, protective clips, seed organizer, and pruning shear

4. Folding Garden Kneeler and Seat Garden Bench with Tool Pouch and Soft Kneeling Pad from LUCKYERMORE

Folding Garden Kneeler and Seat Garden Bench with Tool Pouch and Soft Kneeling Pad from LUCKYERMORE

With a sturdy and well-made design, this garden kneeler and seat will ensure you can stay gardening for hours without the threat of aches or pains.

Constructed with a solid steel frame, this kneeler offers unmatched lifelong service and is incredibly durable. Soft EVA foam padding to the kneeler in the cushions provides enhanced comfort and support, helping to prevent potential injuries.

Its multipurpose design lets it be an effective kneeler, or when flipped over, a comfortable upright seat.

Weighing just 5.7 lbs, this kneeler is incredibly lightweight and can be easily carried around your garden with ease.

And with folded dimensions: 22.5” x 10.6” x 5”, it’s compact and easy to store when not in use. Like many competing units, this kneeler comes with an additional tool pouch (with pocket) which ensures all your tools are kept nearby and organized.


  • EVA foam padding to cushions  to maximize comfort and support
  • Lightweight and compact dimensions, weighing only 5.7 lbs
  • A large tool pouch with a pocket comes included and helps organizer tools efficiently

5. Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with Thicken & Widen Soft Kneeling Pad with Accessories

Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with Thicken & Widen Soft Kneeling Pad with Accessories

Supporting you throughout all your gardening, this kneeler and seat from Ohuhu will provide the ultimate comfort for your back, knees, and joints.

Extra-soft EVA foam cushions ensure a reduction in pressure to your body, allowing you to the garden for longer periods. And when you’re finished, simply raise the legs to transform it into a comfy chair to relax in.

This kneeler is particularly tough, durable, and weather-resistant, with a solid steel frame and thickened partition that can support up to 330 lbs.

When not in use, you can simply fold the kneeler up by tucking legs in and sliding it out of the way. It’s compact and weighing just 6.98 lbs. This means it can be carried and stored away with ease.

Lastly, this kneeler comes with two incredibly large tool pouches so you can keep your gardening tools close by and organized throughout.


  • Lightweight and sturdy design, weighing only 6.98 lbs
  • Can carry up to 330 lbs of weight
  • Comes with 2 extra-large tool pouches

6. Truly Garden Kneeler and Seat with Cultivator Hoe and Tool Pouch

Providing you with all the support your joints need when gardening, this kneeler, and seat from Truly Garden comes with high-quality accessories for even more value.

First, let’s talk about the kneeler which measures 6”x16” and can support a total weight of 330 lbs. Your knees will be 4.25” off the ground; the perfect height to ensure they are supported and cared for.

Support arms on either side measure 19.5” in height and are useful for helping you back into a standing position. The frame itself is made of solid steel for extra durability during use.

Simply flip it over to use as a garden bench or chair. As a chair, it sits 17.5” off the ground, which is the ideal height for comfort or to continue gardening in a seated position to larger flowers and shrubs.

Weighing just 8 lbs, this kneeler is easy to move around and folds up for compact storage. We’re also very impressed with the additional accessories.

The tool pouch is made of 600D polyester and has 4 deep pockets to keep organized and store extra-long tools, such as a 14” cultivator hoe (which is also included!)


  • Impressive accessories including tool pouch and cultivator hoe
  • Long arms on either side offer great stability when going from kneeling position to standing, and vice versa
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 4.25” off the ground when kneeling will ensure joints are supported

7. VIVOSUN Garden Kneeler Seat / Garden Bench with 2 Tool Bags

VIVOSUN Garden Kneeler Seat / Garden Bench with 2 Tool Bags

With comfort and convenience at its core, this kneeler and seat by VIVOSUN is an essential gardening tool to keep your body safe and supported.

Made with a heavy-duty steel frame, the kneeler is durable and solid and can hold up to 330 lbs of weight.

The foam pads are made of premium EVA material that is shock-proof and slip-resistant, with a combined thickness of 1.6” which ensures your joints, back, and waist is supported.

We love that the cushions have a cross-cushioning structure, which further protects knees and reduces aches by offering even more support and reinforcement.

When you’re finished, turn the kneeler into a comfortable seat to relax on. Or simply fold it up for quick, easy storage,

Included are two PVC-material tool bags that have large storage and are perfect for storing gardening tools, bottles of water, or anything else you might need at hand when outside.


  • Cross-cushioning design on pads offers greater support to knees
  • Two high-quality PVC material tool bags with large storage
  • 1.6” thickness cushions with cross-cushioning structure offer even more support


  • Shorter handles on the side

8. Sunix Folding Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Tool Pouches

Sunix Folding Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Tool Pouches

Ensuring your knees, joints, waist, and posture are always protected, this garden kneeler and seat from Sunix is an excellent investment for any gardener to make.

A wider than normal cushion at 16.1” ensures more support and comfort when kneeling to the garden. The cushion is padded with high-quality EVA foam and is 1” thick which will help relieve pressure and strain from knees.

The kneeler itself is incredibly lightweight, weighing just 7.35 lbs, and promises to be durable and easy-to-clean no matter the weather.

Two solid steel handles on both sides of the kneeler allow you to transition from kneeling to sitting/standing with incredible ease, and as a chair, it can support a weight of 330 lbs. As a seat, you’ll be 17.3” off the ground which is an ideal height to continue gardening.

With a spring mechanism design, the kneeler is easy to assemble and store, as you can fold and pack it all up compactly in just 3 simple steps.s

 4 detachable protectors ensure the kneeler will not slide or damage the flooring. And with 2 took kit bags and a seed organizer included, you will have everything you need nearby when outside in your garden.


  • 17.3” off the ground as a seat is an ideal height for both gardening and relaxation
  • Two long, solid steel handles on either side of the kneeler make getting up easier
  • Comes with 4 detachable protectors to preserve flooring and prevent slipping
  • 2 tool kit bags and seed organizer included

9. LANNIU Garden Kneeler and Seat & 2 Extra Large Tool Pouches

LANNIU Garden Kneeler and Seat & 2 Extra Large Tool Pouches

This high-quality garden kneeler and seat from LANNIU will support you throughout all your gardening chores with incredible ease.

First, let’s talk about its design. The super-soft cushions of this kneeler will provide your knees and joints with all the support needed for productive, comfortable gardening.

Cushions are both wear- and corrosion-resistant and make this kneeler incredibly long-lasting, regardless of the weather.

With a width of 16.1” provide provides your knees with plenty of room and helps you achieve a more comfortable posture than rival units.

Made of high-quality steel, this kneeler set maximizes strength whilst minimizing weight, and supports a total weight of 330 lbs.

A simple, compact design means you can fold it up in just 3 simple steps. And weighing just 5.7 lbs, you can easily carry this around your garden.

Lastly, two large tool pouches and an adjustable belt offer even more support and help keep you organized throughout your gardening.


  • 16.1” width gives your knees plenty of space
  • Lightweight at 5.7 lbs, and support up to 330 lbs.
  • Two tool pouches and an adjustable belt help organize tools

10. Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Tool Pouches

Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Tool Pouches

Keep your knees and joints happy with this garden kneeler and garden bench from Ohuhu.

This two-in-one kneeler can support up to 330 lbs., folds easily, and comes fully assembled – you can put it to good use straight out of the box.

Constructed with a steel frame, the cushions are made with EVA foam for added toughness and shock-absorption and will take all pressure away from your knees when bending down.

Designed to remove strain from joints, these pads will keep you off the ground and thus reduces the effects of hard, tough terrain on knees, as well as cold and dirt.

We love that there are two sturdy handles on either side of the kneeler, which help support you going from kneeling to a standing position and vice-versa.

Despite being strong and durable, the frame is lightweight and (just 5.73 lbs), and so can be easily lifted and carried around your garden with no fuss.

Lastly, two tool pouches with Velcro will help organize tools whilst keeping you readily supplied when gardening.


  • Lightweight at 5.7 lbs
  • Sturdy handles on either side of the kneeler offer support when going to a standing position
  • Two tool pouches with Velcro included
Using garden kneeler and seat

Garden Kneeler and Seat Buyer’s Guide

We’ll admit, it might be hard to figure out which of the above products are the best because they are all of high-quality.

Here are some things we suggest you concentrate on when deciding on which is the best garden kneeler and seat for you:

EVA Foam is Essential

All of the products we recommend use a material known as EVA, which is an essential material that provides comfort and support to your body.

But what exactly is it? In short, EVA foam is incredibly durable, soft, and flexible – the perfect material to support your body and in particular your knees.

As a rubber-like substance, the EVA form will absorb shock and pressure and ensures your knees never sink to the hard ground. The foam is also incredibly easy to clean (important when outside in the garden) and is resistant to wear and tear.

Your Weight

It’s important to pick a garden kneeler that can support your weight. As a guide, many of the garden kneelers we recommend can carry in the ranges of 300 to 330 lbs.


Despite being strong, the best garden kneelers are also incredibly lightweight and weigh only a few pounds.

This is so important when picking a product because you want a kneeler which is:

  • Easy to carry around your garden
  • Easy to pack up and store

Pick a product that is light to carry and can be easily stored in a few simple steps as possible.

Garden accessories on garden kneeler and seat


All the products we’ve recommended come with accessories, and perhaps this might be the final decision-maker on which one is best and most valuable.

The most common of which is a tool pouch, a useful way to organize your tools. The best tool pouches are made of durable polyester and have deep pockets. They should be easy to clean and ideally come with an adjustable belt or velcro for easy use.

Other kneelers come with actual gardening tools such as shears or gloves, and again depending on your current tools, these might be of great benefit to you.


Say goodbye to pains, sore backs, and bruised knees; with the best garden kneeler and seat, you will be supported at every step of gardening.

Investing in the best garden kneeler will not only allow you to the garden for longer, but it also means you are protecting and supporting your body throughout all the manual labor.

And as a comfortable garden seat, you’ll have ample reasons to enjoy the spoils of your hard work!

The result will be a better-looking garden that takes less energy (and pain!) to manage.