8 Best Garden Tractors That Will Make Gardening a Lot Easier

When looking for a garden tractor you want to think about convenience, purpose, and most importantly, quality. We found the most effective approach when looking for the best garden tractors on the market is in the details. What is the purpose of the tractor? Do you have lots of land to cover or just your everyday backyard projects to tackle? Are you clearing rugged terrain, or do you landscape for an apartment complex in the suburbs? 

No matter the job, this article has the best garden tractors for any of your upcoming projects. We carefully dove deep into the details of each of these products and weighed the pros and cons before adding them to our list. Now, take a look at the list we have compiled for you containing some of the best garden tractors on the market today. You may find exactly what you are looking for.

The Top Eight Garden Tractors for Backyard Projects

1. Husqvarna 354XD Kawasaki Garden Tractor

Husqvarna 354XD Kawasaki Garden Tractor

Husqvarna is well known for their quality products and their knowledge of machinery. This holds true with their Kawasaki garden tractor. This heavy-duty garden tractor has a premium made V-twin OH engine for heavy-duty power. Without using gas for power this is a no emission making it eco-friendly and saves you money on purchasing gas. This tractor is well known for its smooth drive, and durable body.

Husqvarna has created a tool for just about every outdoor project there is no matter weather, location, or ruggedness. With such a wide variety of products, this garden tractor has the capability of transforming into just about any machine needed to get your landscaping done. No more need for wheelbarrows, rakes, or even calling someone to plow your driveway during a snowstorm. Husqvarna attachments have you covered.

The 3, 54-inch blades are designed with ten-gauge welded steel that provides a close and clean cut every time. Even with a large deck, this well-designed lawn and garden tractor has a great turning radius to cover the max amount of area with ease. This tractor is great for a quick lawn trim or clearing large spaces of leaves and debris.


  • Spacious and comfortable high back seating, with plenty of room to get on and off the mower.
  • Washout port for the deck. Makes clearing grass and cleaning mower bottom simple.
  • 6 Anti-slip wheels that keeps you safe on all terrain and slippery wet grass.
  • Bright LED headlight offers better visibility no matter the time of day.
  • Automatically enabled cruise control to take control and keep a consistent pace.
  • 6 deck positions to give you control of the cut length
  •  An oversized steering wheel for easy steering and comfort
  • Extensive line of accessories and attachment for all types of projects.

Accessories and Attachments

  • 54-inch bagger attachment
  • Mulcher attachment kit
  • Pull behind Dump cart
  • Electric hitch snowblower
  • Agri-fab rock rake attachment
  • All-weather tractor cover
  • Residential snow blade attachment
  • Tow behind box scrapper
  • now cab cover

2. Craftsman E225 42″ Lithium-ion Riding Mower

Craftsman E225 42" Lithium-ion Riding Mower

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly yard tractor, this is a great option. It has a quick-charging lithium-ion battery that can get your whole lawn cut in no time at all. It is powered with a 56V battery that provides an hour of consistent mow time without the power fading towards the end. With-in a 5-inch radius, you can make tight turns and close cuts effortlessly with its 42-inch deck. Offering a soft touch steering wheel and high back seating, you know you will not hate the long rides. You can get a push mower cut without the hassle.

This small garden tractor provides a small amount of maintenance with a large amount of power and will not take up a lot of space. Craftsman E225 Lithium-ion Riding mower is compatible with a wide variety of attachments and accessories making it more than just a lawnmower. You can tackle just about any outdoor job making this an unbeatable piece of machinery. You can take on many jobs without the hassle of purchasing gas and the expensive maintenance of the average mower. If you are looking to make a big impact on your lawn but a small impact on the environment, this could be the lawn tractor for you.


  • Has low emissions, keeping clean air with no gas needed.
  • A foot pedal control allows you to switch directions with ease.
  • It’s battery-powered making gas and oil purchases unnecessary.
  • The 2250-watt battery provides an hour of steady powered mowing.
  • The Led headlight makes nighttime mowing a breeze
  • The attached bumper for a little extra safety when coming a little too close to obstacles.
  • The cruise control, soft high back seating, and soft-touch steering wheel adds a little leisure to the task at hand.

Accessories and Attachments

  • A 42-inch snow thrower
  • Two bin grass collectors
  • Dump cart
  • Snowthrower attachment
  • Mulcher attachment
  • Snowplow blade
  • Leaf collector attachment

3. Ryobi 38″ 100 AH Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

Ryobi 38" 100 AH Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

If you are looking for comfort, ease, and design, I think you may have found it. Have you ever thought you could be driving around your yard on a mower that charges your phone and keeps your pace for you? Be ready to make your neighbors jealous with Ryobi’s electric-powered lawnmower. It offers a charging port for your phone and cruise control to make the drive effortless. This manual riding yard tractor comes with a 38-inch deck that has adjustable cutting lengths from a 1.5-inch cut to a 4.5 in the cut.

The Ryobi is a cordless, battery-operated mower that will give you the same great cut as a gas mower but with no harmful emissions. It is fitted with 3 high powered brushless motors. These motors provide extremely low sound, high power, and top-quality grass cutting.

Offering 2.5-hour battery life This compact mower will give you long riding time and a quality grade cut every time. Do not need 2.5 hours? No problem, Ryobi’s battery was created to charge without memory so you only need to charge for the time you need. This will not damage the battery at all.


  • Plug-in, battery-operated creates an eco-friendly way of mowing your lawn.
  • With 2.5 hours of battery life, you get plenty of time to prepare your yard for every occasion.
  • The 12-position deck give you control of the length of your lawn
  • Cruise control for a simple steady mow.
  • Charges through your standard 120-volt outlet, no need for any special equipment.
  • USB plug to charge your phone during those long projects
  • Compact size for easy storage.
  • The mulching option allows for a quick and effortless cleanup

Accessories and Attachments

  • Plow blade
  • Dethatch attachment
  • Pull behind trailer attachment
  • Bagger attachment
  • Mulching attachment

4. Troy-Bilt Pony 42X Riding Lawn Mower Tractor

Troy-Bilt Pony 42X Riding Lawn Mower Tractor

This heavy-duty garden tractor was designed for large yards and thick fields. Created to get through your denser brush this machine was equipped with a Premium 420cc Troy Bilt OHV engine, and two steel blades encased in a sleek 42-inch deck. This yard tractor has a 7-speed transmission making control and ride nice and smooth and leave you clutch free when shifting gears.

This lightweight lawn tractor makes transporting a cinch. Moving from job site to job site could not be easier. The reverse operation system built-in creates a seamless transition for back up without the hassle of manual maneuvering.

This Lawn mowing tractor was designed with you in mind with a wide step-through space in the deck and comfortable high back seating. With a gas tank that holds up to 3 gallons of gas you know, you will be covered for any size job. As if it could not get any better, they also included an easy clean wash system to make getting rid of the built-up grass and mud stress-free. If you run a landscaping company and want ease at a low cost, you may want to check out the Troy-Bilt Pony 42X Lawn Mower Tractor.


  • Coming in at 485 pounds this is easier to transport than other mowers.
  • Has mow in reverse operation built-in for easy front maneuvering
  • The easy-clean wash system washes the deck immaculately, so your garage stays clean.
  • 3 gallons fuel tank keeps you mowing longer and covering a larger workspace at a time.
  • Mulch and side discharge for simple clean up after cutting.
  • A “step-through” design made to get on and off easier with more legroom for comfort.
  • A high back seat to make your ride easier on the back.

Accessories and attachments

  • Chains for wheel grip
  • Side-bag for grass clippings
  • Stow hauler-trailer attachment
  • Snowplow blade
  • Sunshade attachment
  • Mulch attachment
  • Snowblower attachment

5. Craftsman T225 19 HP Briggs & Stratton Gold 46-Inch Gas-Powered Riding Lawn Mower

Craftsman T225 19 HP Briggs & Stratton Gold 46-Inch Gas-Powered Riding Lawn Mower

This machine has a great garden tractor review result, being an extremely popular purchase for large yard jobs. Its cast-iron front axle creates strong structural support. Built-in hydrostatic foot transition makes controlling direction a breeze. Its 1900 horsepower, Briggs and Stratton’s engine provides this heavy-duty garden tractor with everything it needs to clear a large area in a short amount of time. With 20-inch rear wheels and its 15-inch front wheels, you can create an even cut and still maneuver this machine effortlessly.

If you have ever driven a lawn and garden tractor for any type of outdoor project you know how important control is, and you will have all the control with this model. Craftsman has been creating high-quality sturdy-built yard tractors, tools, and many other home improvement equipment for many years. From your everyday back yard clean up to the unkempt baseball field at the park, this tractor can tackle it all.


  • Ready techs start for a quick easy start-up and go.
  • Deck washer to clean the undercarriage to clear stuck dirt and grass.
  • Durable turf saver wheels are perfect for slippery or uneven terrain.
  • The high back seat provides comfortable seating during a lengthy job.
  • 46-inch cutting deck for a wide coverage area.
  • 20 In rear wheels and 15-inch back wheels gives you easy and swift movement and range.

Accessories and attachments

  • Mulch kit to chop up your grass clippings.
  • Lawnmower bag
  • Collapsible Lawnmower jack
  • Weather X lawn mowing cover
  • Dump cart
  • Power equipment cover

6. Husqvarna YTH24V48 48 in. 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower

Husqvarna YTH24V48 48 in. 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower

If you are looking for solid built lawn and garden tractors, Husqvarna never fails. The Husqvarna YTH24V48 48 in. 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower is a compact and small garden tractor providing efficient work and storage. This is a gas-powered yard tractor that is smaller in size making maneuvering and turning easy. It fits into those small spaces between fences and buildings and can hardly be noticed in the back of your garage.

This mower is simplistic in design making it easy to use and maintain. You know you will have a comfortable seat for this weekly chore due to the high back adjustable seating and comfortable grip steering wheel.

Thanks to the anti-scalp tires added to the design you will no longer have to worry about hitting uneven land or hills. When the job is done easy clean up is obtained thanks to the air induction technology keeping the grass flowing through the blades and never clumping or clogging. Keeping up with the gardening and landscaping has never been easier with this Husqvarna.


  • Adjustable seating for the perfect comfortable fit.
  • Compact in size for easy maneuvering and easy storage
  • Air induction technology to keep grass from sticking in the blades.
  • An ergonomic steering wheel to keep control and steering easy.
  • 4 anti-scalp wheels to make a clean cut and keep the deck from tearing the ground.
  • Foot activated hydraulic transmission, so you no longer need to shift manually.

Attachments and accessories

  • Shade and rain umbrella
  • Tractor cover
  • Snow Plow blade attachment
  • Pull behind trailer attachment

7. Simplicity 2691337 Broadmoor Mower, Riding, Tractor, Orange

Simplicity 2691337 Broadmoor Mower, Riding, Tractor, Orange

Do you have a large job to do and need a heavy-duty garden tractor to get the job done? Well, this 17.5 hp Briggs and Stratton Intek engine riding tractor may be your answer. Providing professionals and DIY’s alike with a simplistic beautifully crafting lawn tractor.

This lawn and garden tractor has a signature free-floating deck that allows the blades to move with the terrain keeping it from damaging the grass. As if that was not enough, they also have wide wheels following behind the blade leaving a smooth surface in its tracks. Having a rear suspension set up and a mesh seat, you feel a quarter of the motions than with your average yard tractor and comfortably too.

This mower is powered with automatic controlled traction, so all four wheels are continually moving together to give you the best grip and the most power. Using the Broadmoor dash, you can see everything you need to make sure you are getting the best cut right from the dash. With this machine, everything you need to see is right in front of you in the cockpit.


  • Rear-wheel suspension for an easy and smooth ride
  • Dashboard in the cockpit for easy to see a high cut adjustment, the hour of use, and clock
  • LED headlights for clear and bright lighting in all weather and at all times of the day.
  • Mesh, high back seating for a comfortable ride.
  • Free-floating motor to give a clean cut with no yard damage
  • Full-length rear wheels giving a nice clean lawn stripe after your mow.
  • Constant power to all four wheels for a strong and powerful drive

Attachments and accessories

  • Turbo collection system
  • Widebody cart collector
  • Soft-sided snow cab
  • Chains for tire grip
  • Mulching kit
  • Triple bag grass catcher
  • Dump cart
  • Snow dozer blade
  • Snowblower attachment
  • Tow behind tiller

8. Husqvarna LTH17538 38 in. 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin Hydrostatic Riding Mower

Husqvarna LTH17538 38 in. 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin Hydrostatic Riding Mower

When looking into garden tractor reviews, this compact lawn and garden tractor will always come out on top. Husqvarna is known for stuffing great things into a small package and they did not disappoint here. It may be smaller in size but with its 17.5 hp Briggs and Stratton Intek engine, it can handle just about any task you throw at it. Mowing acres of parks or your mother in lawns front lawn this machine can power through it all.

This powerful tool can mow up and down hills with ease and zip around the yard in no time. With the combination of horsepower and hydrostatic transmission, you can be certain you’re riding a well-built lawn tractor making mowing and many other activities stress-free.

You can comfortably enjoy mowing for as long as you need with their comfortable seating and spacious foot room. With hydrostatic foot pedal changing directions could not be any easier. You can get the fit of a push mower with the ease of a rider. It is a quick and simple yard tractor helping landscapers get their jobs done right.


  • An ergonomic steering wheel for simple and easy transitions.
  • The reverse operating system allows you to change directions with the turn of a switch
  • The 13-inch mid-back seat that is adjustable to comfort and height.
  • Dual anti-scalp wheels to keep your mower from hitting the raised ground.
  • Air induction mowing technology to keep a clean even mow every time.
  • Easy step-through design for a swift mounting and dismounting movement.
  • Affordable but reliable.
  • 17.5 Briggs and Stratton Intek engine gives it a lot of speed for a quick finish to end project.

Attachments and accessories

  • Snowplow blade
  • Weatherproof tractor cover
  • Mulch kit attachment
  • Towable trailer
  • Tow behind aerator
Husqvarna garden tractor

Garden Tractor Buyer’s Guide

What should you consider looking for when looking through the huge market of tractors today? Do you consider prices, The Brand, or the accessories? Do you look at its size or horsepower? All these things are important when buying your lawn and garden tractor.

Details, details… know what task you will mostly be taking on and what features will be more important. If you mainly mow your private lawn and hull sticks and leaves to your burn pit, you probably will not need a phone charger or cruise control. However, if you run a landscaping business and spend much of your day mowing lawns these things will be important to you. Be sure to do your research and price match at different stores, you will be shocked at how much money you can save.

Always remember, just because it is not a well-known brand does not mean it lacks in performance, check engine size, blade quality, and other details for all mowers you are interested in. You will find even some of the smallest owned companies can make amazing equipment

Finally, never trust reviews. Use them as a guide but it is my experience that most negative reviews are given when there is a personal agenda behind them. People who have a positive result rarely find the need to review. Educate yourself before you go out and shop.

Craftsman tractor in garden

Final Thoughts

There is a wide variety of lawn and garden tractors on the market today. They range in size, color, and cost. You can go with an eco-friendly model that enables you to charge your phone and listen to music while cruise control guides you along. Or you can go with a traditional gas-powered mower that can power through fields and parks with ease only stopping for a moment when it needs a refill. 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to landscaping with lawn tractors. Each machine is built for a job and if it does that job well, then you have a great tractor. With the information provided above and the detailed breakdown of eight different lawn tractors, I feel you are successfully on your way to purchasing the best garden tractor for you.