10 Best Garden Trowels That Are Built to Last

To have the best garden, you need the best tools. And one essential tool every gardener swears by is the classic hand trowel.

Trowels can be used in virtually every stage of a garden, including digging, planting bulbs, transplanting, and aerating soil. It’s hard to believe something so small and so inexpensive can be so versatile in your garden.

But as a handheld tool, sometimes using a trowel can be exhausting. For that reason, you need to invest in the best.

The best garden trowels help you every step of the way when gardening. They have ergonomic grips that reduce hand fatigue and have you working smarter, not harder.

They’re also made with high-quality materials where blades never rust, bend or break – even in rough, rocky terrain. With long handles, they provide additional leverage to make tough soils easy to break up.

With that in mind, we’ve picked 10 of the best garden trowels you can find on the market. Each one comes with several benefits that will help your gardening tenfold.

The result will be an invaluable, lifelong tool that helps you manage your garden with ease.

10 of the Best Garden Trowels

1. Wilcox All Pro 202S Trowel, 14″, Stainless Steel

Wilcox All Pro 202S Trowel, 14", Stainless Steel

The first trowel on our list is this high-quality trowel from Wilcox, which is the perfect tool for all your planting, digging, and aerating needs.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, there is no fear of this trowel ever bending or breaking when in use. It’s a heavy-duty tool specially built to last year-on-year.

Aside from its obvious durability, its blade has a sharp point and beveled edges which make short work of any soil type – even in rocky, tough terrain.

We also love that it is incredibly user-friendly. The trowel features depth markings on the sides to help with planting, which allows you to know how deep you are digging in at all times.

Finally, a plastic grip and leather hand strap mean this trowel is both comfortable to use and very easy to store afterward.


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Effective against rocky, hard soil types
  • Depth markings allow you to always see how far you dig
  • Plastic rip and leather hand strap for easy carrying and storage

2. Garden Guru Super Strong Stainless Steel Garden Trowel

Garden Guru Super Strong Stainless Steel Garden Trowel

This garden trowel from Garden Guru can easily find a home in any gardener’s toolbox because of its strength and high-quality.

Firstly, this is a multipurpose trowel that can be used for a variety of tasks, including planting, transplanting, weeding, and mixing soils. Its stainless steel blade is extra thick, which gives this trowel superior strength and durability.

The blade is also very wide and concave, which makes it excellent for scooping soil and mixing it all up. The blade is also rust-resistant, which is important in ensuring a long-lasting tool.

We’re also very impressed with how comfortable this trowel is for your hand; a large, thick thumb rest on top, together with finger grooves on the bottom ensures your hand will be supported throughout your gardening. Say goodbye to hand stress and fatigue!

And with the blade measuring 5 ½ inches, it is the perfect length to achieve good depth for any bulbs. Included with the trowel is a daily maintenance and care guide, which will tell you everything you need to know on getting the most of your new tool.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • The extra thick blade gives strength and durability
  • A wide concave blade makes this tool ideal for scooping
  • Finger grooves on the bottom of the tool
  • Thick thumb rest at the top

3. Edward Tools Heavy Duty Garden Trowel with Ergonomic Grip

Edward Tools Heavy Duty Garden Trowel with Ergonomic Grip

This heavy-duty carbon steel trowel from Edward Tools is the definitive answer to all your gardening needs.

First, this trowel is near indestructible; it is rust, bend, and break-proof. You can confidently dig in the heaviest and toughest of clay or soil without your tool breaking.

We love that there are depth markers are on the trowel, which allows you to plant bulbs or transplant consistently, every time.

Now let’s talk about the ergonomic grip; a comfortable rubber handle reduces hand fatigue and absorbs shock. The long handle provides additional leverage, which makes digging easier.


  • Heavy-duty carbon steel trowel
  • Rust, bend, and break-proof
  • Depth markings allow you to always see how far you dig
  • The ergonomic handle supports your hand and reduces fatigue

4. Fiskars  Big Grip Trowel, Black and Orange

Fiskars  Big Grip Trowel, Black and Orange

This trowel from Fiskars checks all bases in being a garden tool and will help you turn soil and turf in no time.

What we love most about this trowel is the extra-large handle, which has a soft grip and provides exceptional comfort and control. Your hand will not suffer from fatigue, even when digging into tough terrain.

Next, we have a large polished cast-aluminum head which is strong but lightweight. It has sharpened edges which allows it to move soil very quickly. The head is bigger than other trowels, which means you can shift even more soil with every motion.

The blade of this trowel is rust-resistant and won’t bend or break, making it ideal for a variety of tasks including digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting, and more.

Lastly, a handle hole at the end of the trowel means this tool is to store when not in use.


  • Extra-large handle with a soft grip for exceptional comfort
  • The larger head of the trowel moves more soil per motion
  • Rust-resistant
  • Convenient handle hole for easy storage

5. Burpee 13″ Stainless Steel Trowel with Leather Wrist Strap

Burpee 13" Stainless Steel Trowel with Leather Wrist Strap

Garden in style and incredible ease, with this impressive all-around hand trowel from Burpee.

This trowel is an all-rounder, and suitable for a variety of garden tasks including planting, digging, transplanting, and aerating soil.

With an 8” stainless steel head, this tool is durable and long-serving. The 5” handle is made of high-quality ash wood and is contoured to allow for comfortable use.

The ergonomic shape of the handle also helps reduce hand fatigue when at work for long periods.

What’s even more impressive is that this trowel has depth measurements on its blade, which allows you to plant bulbs and know exactly how deep you are planting at all times.

Finally, we think you’ll agree that it comes with a very stylish leather wrist strap, which looks great but also ensures easy convenient storage.


  • Stainless steel 8” head
  • The handle is made of high-quality ash wood
  • Ergonomically contoured handle helps with hand fatigue
  • Includes a stylish leather wrist strap

6. Tierra Garden DeWit Forged Hand Trowel

Tierra Garden DeWit Forged Hand Trowel

Boasting high-quality construction and using environmentally-friendly materials, this forged hand trowel is one of the best tools on the market and promises life-long service.

Let’s talk about its construction first. The trowel is made with sharpened edges and a hand-forged boron steelhead. Being a forged tool, this makes the trowel stronger, durable, and more efficient than standard trowels.

The head of the tool has been heat-treated for additional strength and will last the test of time, making it a worthy investment to your garden. Because of its sharpened blade, the trowel excels in several different areas of work, including planting, cultivating, and weeding.

Now let’s talk about the handle. It’s made of ash hardwood which has been harvested from environmentally responsible FSC-certified forests. It has a contour to its’ shape in line with a hand, making it comfortable to hold for long periods.

Finally, the handle also has a convenient hole near the bottom, which means you can easily hang the tool when not in use.


  • Hand-forged boron steelhead
  • Heat-treated blade adds strength and durability
  • Environmentally friendly materials used in construction
  • A hole near the bottom of the handle allows for easy storage

7. CFCT Bend-Proof Garden Hand Trowel Tool with Grading Mark

CFCT Bend-Proof Garden Hand Trowel Tool with Grading Mark

Sturdy, handy, and versatile, this hand trowel from CFCT is an impressive tool for any gardener and any garden.

Let’s talk first about how it’s made. The trowel has a solid one-piece design that won’t loosen, bend, or break at the neck when digging. It’s made of high-quality aluminum material which ensures it remains light but also remains strong and durable.

It’s incredibly easy to use too, in any direction. The non-slip thumb pad helps to minimize hand and wrist fatigue while maximizing power with every motion.

An ergonomic handle has a hexagonal arc surface that fits with the curve of your hand for an overall comfortable experience.

This trowel can be used in a multitude of ways including transplanting small plants and flowers as well as cutting through compacted soil. It can also scoop and fill holes effortlessly.

With a depth measurement on the trowel, you’ll always be able to see how deep you are digging, allowing you to plant bulbs and seeds consistently throughout your flower beds.


  • Solid one-piece design protects the trowel from bending or breaking
  • Non-slip thumb pad minimizes hand fatigue
  • Ergonomic, hexagonal-shaped handle reduces hand fatigue
  • Depth markings allow you to always see how far you dig

8. Fiskars Ergo Garden Hand Trowel

Fiskars Ergo Garden Hand Trowel

Plant bulbs, uproot and turn the soil, and much more with this high-quality, multi-purpose garden hand trowel from Fiskars.

With a polished aluminum head, the trowel resists rust and won’t snap off or bend, regardless of how tough the soil you are working in is. The blade shape of this trowel ensures it will cut even the toughest turf cleanly and consistently.

What’s more, this trowel has an ergonomically designed handle which supports your hand throughout all work and helps reduce fatigue to both hand and wrist. You’ll be able to work better, and for longer!

Finally, a hole at the bottom of the handle provides for convenient storage when not in use.


  • Polished aluminum head
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • A hole near the bottom of the handle allows for easy storage

9. Cate’s Garden Stainless Steel Hand Trowel

Cate's Garden Stainless Steel Hand Trowel

This heavy-duty trowel from Cate’s Garden is easily one of the best hand trowels on the market, thanks to its design and promise of quick, concise gardening.

First, we’re highly impressed with how well made and multi-purpose this trowel is. It has a wide head which allows it to complete a variety of jobs including digging, shoveling, turning, scooping, and cultivating large amounts of soil quickly.

The trowel is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and is forged for heavy-duty use. A sturdy tang and ferrule further ensure long-lasting durability. Measuring a width of 6 inches long by 3 ¼ inches wide, this trowel scoops more with every motion.

We’re equally as impressed with this trowel’s handle, which is ergonomically-sculpted out of ash wood. It’s strong, flexible, and is a natural shock absorber which ultimately reduces hand fatigue and joint pain.

The blade also comes with depth markers, allowing you to see how much you are digging at all times. This ensures consistent planting, every time.

Lastly, this trowel comes with a leather strap for easy storage.


  • Made from heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Sturdy tang and ferrule ensures long-lasting service
  • Depth markings allow you to always see how far you dig
  • A hole near the bottom of the handle allows for easy storage

10. Corona CT 3010I Trowel

Corona CT 3010I Trowel

Our last recommendation is this brilliant, heavy-duty hand trowel from Corona.

This trowel features a lightweight, one-piece aluminum alloy structure that won’t bend, break, or rust.

The 3-inch blade has a polished aluminum alloy finish which is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The aluminum adds strength to the tool whilst still keeping it lightweight and easy to carry.

With a 3-inch blade, this trowel is ideal for small gardening. It has a cushioned grip which comforts your hand and reduces fatigue, especially over long periods of gardening.

Lastly, this trowel has a convenient hole at the end of the handle, allowing you to store it easily.


  • Ideal for smaller gardens
  • One-piece design is sturdy and durable
  • Aluminum-alloy finish adds strength
  • Ergonomic, cushioned grip to the handle
  • A hole near the bottom of the handle allows for easy storage

What should you look for in the best garden trowel?

With so much choice in the market, it might be difficult to decide which of our recommendations will suit you best.

To help you find the best garden trowel, we’ve made a shortlist of useful features you should always be on the lookout for.

Gardener planting flowers in garden using trowel

1. Comfort

Digging by nature is a hard, tiring job. And as a handheld tool, we cannot emphasize how important comfort is when choosing a hand trowel.

You want to make sure your hand is well supported and comfortable through your gardening, but especially when digging in tough, rocky terrain.

Pick a trowel which puts comfort first, and is ergonomically designed. This includes;

  • Shape – many handles have different contours that fit nicely into the shape of your hand.
  • Finger and thumb placements – some trowels even have support grips located at the bottom for your thumb, or across the handle to mold with your fingers, helping to relieve stress and support continuous grip.
  • Shock-absorption – the best handles will help absorb shock and help reduce strain as you dig. Look out in particular for well-made wooden handles for this feature.

2. Depth measurements

One of the most useful (and simple) features of a trowel is depth measurement.

Depth measurements will tell you exactly how deep you are digging at every stage of gardening, which is essential information when planting bulbs or transplanting.

The measurements help It also ensures the bulbs you plant in your flower beds are all consistent with each other.

3. Blades

When choosing a hand trowel, pay close attention to their blades, which can make a huge difference in how effective the tool works. Consider the following:

  • Length – the a longer the blade, the more leverage you get with each stroke. This is particularly useful if you will be working in rocky, rough soils.
  • Width – a wider blade shifts and scoops more material with every motion.
  • Curved edges ­– a blade with a curved edge is stronger and allows it to cut into the soil more effectively.
  • High-quality – the best blades will be made with high-quality materials and come with a great finish. This makes the blade stronger, more durable, and easier to clean.

4. Weight

As a handheld tool, you will want to invest in a lightweight trowel. Being lightweight, this means you can carry it around your garden easily, and hold it for longer without succumbing to fatigue.

How do you ensure it’s lightweight? Look out for hand trowels which are made of aluminum alloy – this material gives the trowel incredible strength but remains lightweight.

5. Convenience

Given it’s such a small tool, our final recommendation is to pick a hand trowel which is convenient to carry and store. Trowels are small by design and can easily get lost in a busy toolshed.

Many of the best hand trowels come with either a wrist strap or a hole at the bottom of the handle, which allows you to hang the tool up after every use! No excuses for losing your most important garden tool anymore!


Trowels are the superheroes of any growing garden.

These handheld tools are designed to do it all, including planting seeds, weeding, breaking up tough soil, and spreading fertilizer. No job is too big and they achieve amazing results in little to no time.

But as always, to achieve the best results, you need to invest in the best tools.

Garden trowels are no exception. The best garden trowels are so well-made they become lifelong tools to your garden arsenal.

The best trowels will have ergonomically designed grips that help support (not hinder!) your hand, even over long periods of gardening – which is so important in any handheld tool.

Strong, durable, and comfortable to use, the best trowels will make short work of your toughest chores.

We’re confident you will find the best garden trowel for your garden in our recommendations above which offer value, comfort, and quality. No flower bed or rockery will be beyond your reach.

The result is simple – you’ll be able to manage your garden more efficiently, effectively, and in less time.