Best Gas Weed Eaters Reviewed

Have you lost control of your garden? Are weeds growing in hard-to-reach places? Are parts of your lawn slowly turning into a meadow?

Then we have a solution for you; the best gas weed eater.

A weed eater has many different names, including string trimmer and weed wacker. Regardless of what you call it, no one can deny they are an essential tool for every garden to have.

Weed eaters cut through plants and shrubs with incredible ease and precision. You can trim around your lawn too, and cut areas that your lawnmower cannot access.

With one swoop, weed eaters can also cut weeds down to size and allow your plants and flowers the opportunity to grow in peace.

Easy to use, lightweight, and incredibly durable, the best weed eaters are a life-long investment for your garden. So how can you find the best one to suit your needs?

We’ve taken 11 of the best gas weed eater reviews on the market for you to choose from. Each one is high-quality, made to last, and will be the solution for all your gardening needs.

11 of the Best Gas Weed Eaters

1. Husqvarna 17″ Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 17" Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer

Keep grass, weeds, and more at bay with this powerful gas weed eater from Husqvarna.

First, we love that this weed eater has a very practical design. It has a straight shaft which provides great reach for underneath shrubs and bushes, and to cut in hard-to-reach places.

The 28cc 2-cycle engine is designed for a quick start every time. SmartStart trimmer technology means there is an impressive 40% reduction in starter-cord resistance, meaning you can start the engine every time with less labor.

This weed eater also comes with a cutting attachment guard, which means it’s incredibly versatile and can be used with either a grass blade or a trimmer head.

Remove unwanted air from the carburetor and fuel system using the incredibly useful air purge primer bulb. A translucent fuel tank allows you to monitor fuel levels as you work.

Lastly, weighing just 10.8 lbs., this weed eater is incredibly easy to store and transport thanks to a detachable head feature.


  • Lightweight, multipurpose weed eater
  • Detachable shaft for easy transport and storage
  • Strong braided wire cable drive
  • Stop switch automatically resets to “on” position for easy starting
  • The versatile cutting guard can be used with either a grass blade or trimmer head

2. Craftsman 30cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Straight Shaft Gas-Powered String Trimmer and Brushcutter

Craftsman 30cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Straight Shaft Gas-Powered String Trimmer and Brushcutter

Say goodbye to overgrowth and troublesome weeds with this impressive gas weed eater from Craftsman.

We think you’ll agree, this is an incredibly easy and straight-forward weed eater to use. An advanced 2 step startup system simplifies powering the tool on, whilst an easy-winding bump head means you can get to trimming quicker than competing models.

A straight shaft design makes trimming around shrubs and bushes much easier, especially hard-to-reach places. A large, multi-position, the adjustable handle provides added control and easy right- or left-handed use.

This weed eater also has a very powerful cut to it, thanks to a 30cc 4-cycle gas engine. Together with a 17-inch cutting width, you can trim and strim more grass and weeds in less time.

Lastly, because it is 4-cycle, no mixing of oil and gas is necessary.


  • 30cc, 4-cycle engine is cleaner and produces less noise
  • 4-cycle advantage means no mixing of gas and oil
  • Advanced 2-step starting means just prime and pull to turn on
  • 17 in. cutting width allows you to trim more grass in less time
  • Large, multi-position adjustable handle for added control and easy right- or left-handed use

3. Echo GT-225 2 Cycle 21.2cc Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

Echo GT-225 2 Cycle 21.2cc Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

Cut weeds and grass in a fraction of the time with this practical, easy-to-control curve-shafted gas weed eater from Echo.

Like many other high-quality strimmers, this tool starts very easily. An i-30 starting system reduces the staring effort required by up to 30%, allowing you to start work quicker and easier.

We also like that there is a 14.9 fl oz. translucent fuel tank, which allows you to always check fuel levels when at work and refill accordingly.

A 48” curved-shaft with flex cable drive along with an ergonomically adjusted handle gives you improved control and total confidence with every stroke.  

With an impressive cutting width of 16”, you can trim grass in less time. And weighing just 10 lbs., this gas weed eater is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry.


  • 16 in. cutting width allows you to trim more grass in less time
  • an i-30™ starting system for reduced effort starting  
  • 48″ curved shaft for easy maneuverability  
  • Comfortable ergonomic adjustable handle
  • Lightweight at just 10 lbs

4. Ryobi RY253SS 25cc Straight Shaft 18″ Lawn Grass Weed Trimmer 2 Cycle Gas Power

Ryobi RY253SS 25cc Straight Shaft 18" Lawn Grass Weed Trimmer 2 Cycle Gas Power

This durable weed eater from Ryobi is a lifelong investment in your garden repertoire and will have your lawn looking in pristine condition.

Firstly, this weed eater features a full crank engine, which doubles it’s life-service and ensures high-quality cuts with little downtime.

This weed eater is designed with a straight shaft that can reach around and under shrubs, trees, and other obstacles with incredible ease. 

This is a great tool to invest in if you have other Ryobi products, as it accepts attachments and so can transform into an edger, blower, tiller, and more with the appropriate headpiece.


  • Durable, crankshaft engine ensures a long service life
  • Can be used with other Ryobi products
  • Straight shaft allows for great control in cutting hard-to-reach places

5. PROYAMA 42.7cc 2 in 1 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Gas Dual Line Weed Eater

PROYAMA 42.7cc 2 in 1 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Gas Dual Line Weed Eater

With incredible value and performance, this gas weed eater from PROYAMA comes with everything you need to get control back over your garden, quickly and safely.

We love the signature handlebar design, which improves control and comfort when in use. Together with a shoulder harness, vibration and hand fatigue are reduced.

You will also get several safety accessories with this weed eater, including ear defenders, gloves, and a face shield for total protection when at work. These accessories whilst vital for working the weed eater can also be used with other tools too for additional value.

Now let’s talk about this tool’s power capability. A 2HP 2-cycle 42.7cc engine provides more power whilst remaining easy to start. It can easily trim bigger branches efficiently, as well as grass lawns and weeds.

The engine is also EPA certified, meaning it will discharge less fuel gas when in use, being cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Lastly, this weed eater has a quick release split shaft also allows for easy storage or transportation.


  • Handlebar design improves control and comfort when in use
  • Comes with several safety accessories including ear defenders, gloves, and a face shield
  • EPA certified engine makes it environmentally friendlier and fuel-efficient
  • Quick-release split shaft allows for easy storage/disassembly

6. Remington 25cc 2-Cycle 16-Inch Curved Shaft Gas String Trimmer

Remington 25cc 2-Cycle 16-Inch Curved Shaft Gas String Trimmer

Keep tall grass and weeds at bay with this highly-efficient weed eater from Remington.

With a powerful 25cc 2-cycle engine and 16-inch cutting swath, you’ll be able to cut through more material in less time. QuickStart technology also ensures you can start the tool in an instant.

When your trimmer line is wearing down, simply tap the dual-line bump head on the ground and a more fresh line is ready for action. And with a thick 0.95-inch line makes this an ideal tool to use for cutting through thicker patches of grass and shrubbery.

This weed eater has a balanced design which means it can be used comfortably for long periods without the risk of hand fatigue. Its curved shaft helps with control and stability and will ensure you have a direct view of the cutting line at all times.


  • QuickStart technology Engine to make pull starts easier.
  • Powerful 25cc 2-cycle engine
  • A simple way to feed more line on your trimmer
  • Balanced, ergonomic design


  • Slightly heavier at 16.12 lbs.

7. HUYOSEN 51.7CC Gas Weeder Eater

HUYOSEN 51.7CC Gas Weeder Eater

As one of the best gas string trimmers on the market, this tool will get to work easily and quickly and make short work of weeds, grass, and any obstruction in your garden.

This is a versatile tool, containing both:

  • a 3T blade, which is specifically for cutting tall weeds and grass,
  • a dual-line, which is ideal for small grass and lawn maintenance.

Starting the weed eater is straightforward and simple, requiring less pulling and manual labor thanks to it’s the quick-start mechanism.

With an aluminum shaft, the tool is well designed, durable, and provides comfortable control during every use.

We’re very impressed with the ‘backpack design’ of this tool, which allows you to carry the tool on your back for a very user-friendly experience. The wide safety guard feature also helps protect you by deflecting debris cut during use.

Running on a 2-cycle grass cutter, this trimmer is powerful and reliable, consumes less fuel, and operates very quietly compared to its competitors.

Lastly, with the ignition switch mounted on the top of the throttle trigger housing, operating the weed eater is incredibly convenient and easy; simply move forward to run, and back to stop!


  • Backpack design makes carrying this weed eater very easy and comfortable
  • Safety guard deflects debris
  • 2 options for cutting, including a 3T blade and dual-line
  • High-quality parts including an aluminum shaft
  • The ignition switch is conveniently placed near the throttle trigger
  • Quick start technology requires less manual labor to power tool

8. Husqvarna 129L 17″ Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 129L 17" Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

This is a great gas weed wacker specially designed to cut grass, weeds, and other obstacles in your garden with incredible ease.

Featuring a 27. 6cc 2-cycle engine with 17” cutting width, this weed wacker is powerful and easy-to-use and can cut a large amount of thick material quickly.

‘Smart start’ trimmer technology reduces starter cord resistance by 40%, allowing you to start the tool quickly and get to work in an instant.

And with a translucent fuel tank, you’ll always be able to monitor fuel levels as you work. You can also conveniently remove unwanted air from the carburetor and fuel system by using the air purge primer bulb.

With a straight shaft design, you’ll be able to reach and cut underneath bushes and hard to reach spots with incredible ease and confidence.

And lastly, you’ll never have to worry about figuring out how to replace the trimmer line. The T25 trimmer head is specifically designed for safe and easy line reloading; simply tap the trimmer head against the grass to activate the line release feature.


  • 17” cutting width cuts more, faster
  • Translucent fuel tank to monitor fuel levels
  • Air purge primer bulb helps remove unwanted air in the system
  • A simple way to replace trimmer line

9. Wild Badger Power 31 cc Gas 4-Cycle 2-in-1 Straight Shaft Trimmer with Brush Cutter

Wild Badger Power 31 cc Gas 4-Cycle 2-in-1 Straight Shaft Trimmer with Brush Cutter

With a grass trimmer attachment, this weed eater will cut with precision, regardless of the type or size of the garden.

The tool comes with two options and offers amazing versatility, including;

  • grass trimmer attachment for detail work along borders, and
  • a brush cutter blade for heavier grasses and brush clearing.

Now let’s talk about the strimmer’s design. A straight shaft design ensures comfort and control throughout use. Made with robust aluminum, the shaft is both lightweight and durable.

Speaking of durability, a highly efficient 33cs r-cycle full crank engine will start quickly and run smoothly, with no need to mix gas and oil. The full crank design delivers a fast start and smooth operation reducing emissions, increasing fuel efficiency, and delivering longer life.

With a 17” cutting swath, you’ll be able to cut and clear large quantities of material very quickly. The tap-and-go trimmer head allows for a quick line feed for the twin line cutting system.

Replacing the line will no longer eat up precious daylight and will give you more time to get your lawns and landscaping looking clean.


  • Includes both grass trimmer attachment and brush cutter blade
  • 17” cutting swath will cut large materials quickly
  • The crank engine is durable and long-lasting
  • Replacing the line cutting system is incredibly easy and safe

10. Craftsman 2-Cycle 17-Inch Gas Powered Weed Wacker

Craftsman 2-Cycle 17-Inch Gas Powered Weed Wacker

With a user-friendly experience central to its design, this powerful weed wacker from Craftsman is one of the best on the market.

A straight shaft design ensures this tool is easy to use, whether it’s trimming lawns, under bushes or shrubs, or hard-to-reach places with ease. And with easy-start technology, it powers on in just 3 steps.

A quick change head also allows you to convert the bump head to a blade in seconds, saving you valuable time.

Now let’s talk about its power. A 27cc full crank engine provides great power with less vibration, allowing you to be in total control of the tool at all times. The bump feed trimmer head saves time and feeds a 0.095” round line.

With a heavy-duty metal blade of 18” width, it’s one of the largest cuts on a weed wacker and is sure to make quick work of dense material. A trimmer attachment is also included where precise cuts are needed.

Finally, an adjustable J-handle and shoulder strap reduces the chance of fatigue when using, and gives you more comfort and control.


  • The crank engine is durable and long-lasting
  • Metal blade of 18” ensures quick, efficient work
  • Comes with a trimmer attachment
  • J-handle and shoulder strap support and comfort you during use
  • Quick-start technology powers the tool in 3 simple steps

11. SENIX 26.5cc String Trimmer with Straight Shaft and Bump Head

SENIX 26.5cc String Trimmer with Straight Shaft and Bump Head

Promising to make quick work of weeds and tall grass, this gas string trimmer from SENIX comes with

With a 26. 5cc 4QL 4-cycle full crank engine, this trimmer will be extra durable and long-lasting. It also operates with low vibration, which is key for keeping control of the tool over long periods.

Another thing which makes this engine great is that it does not require the mixing of gas and oil, whilst remaining lightweight, smooth & powerful.

The straight shaft design with a standardized coupler provides extended reach for under bushes, shrubs, and other hard-to-reach places. A shoulder strap is included for comfortable use.

Lastly, with a cutting swath of 17.7”, you can cut through dense material quickly and easily. The strimmer itself promises an easy assembly so you can get to work straight away.


  • The powerful engine which does not require mixing gas and oil
  • The crank engine is durable and long-lasting
  • Metal blade of 17.7” ensures quick, efficient work
  • The shoulder strap is included

Gas Weed Eater Buyer’s Guide

When you read our gas weed eater reviews, we’re sure you’ll find the tool that suits you best. But with so much choice, we have some tips and things to keep in mind when making your choice!

weed wacker near construction

2-cycle Vs 4-cycle Engines – which is best?

You might be wondering with the different engine types mentioned, which one is best? Firstly, let’s take a look at the major difference between the types of engines – fuel.

A 2-cycle weed eater will require a fuel ratio that includes mixing both fuel and oil.

A 4-cycle weed eater keeps gas and oil separate, which means providing it fuel is more straight-forward.

4-cycle engines are typically more efficient as they consume less fuel when working, and are therefore more environmentally-friendly.

4-cycle engines also tend to work quieter than a 2 cycle engine. That being said, 2-cycle engines tend to be more powerful and lightweight.

starting gas weed eater

Crank engine

Both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines can also be crank engines. Crank engines come with several benefits which are ideal for gas weed eaters, including:

  • Producing fewer vibrations
  • They are more efficient with fuel
  • Tend to be more powerful
  • A more balanced system which runs smoother

Other things to consider when picking the best weed eater include:

  • Easy assembly and disassembly – split-shaft designs in particular are very easy to put together.
  • Easy start – the best tools start quickly and easily. Many weed eaters have quick start technology which allows them to power up in seconds.
  • Cutting swath is the size of the area cut by the weed eater. The larger, the more material is cut per rotation
  • Comfortable to use, including shoulder straps, back straps, or being lightweight.
  • Translucent tanks allow you to see how much fluid is left before a refill is needed. They also let you monitor for clogs and blockages in your system
  • Safety features including debris deflectors
  • Spare parts and accessories which you can use to repair the weed eater


With every DIY tool you buy, safety should be a priority.

This is especially important for weed eaters, where blades and strings move incredibly fast to cut through dense material.

Before you begin using a weed eater, always ensure to read the instruction manual and wear the following:

  • Eye protection
  • Ear defenders
  • Gloves
Weed eater on lawn


With the help of a weed eater, you can transform an overgrown garden into a paradise in very little time.

They cut an enormous amount of material quickly and efficiently, and save you precious time and manual labor. They also use materials such as fertilizers and pesticides more efficiently, saving you lots of money over the year.

The best weed eaters will be comfortable to carry, easy to start and use, and will offer you a life-long service, thanks to their durable parts and accessories.

And with many coming with additional accessories including trimmers and blades, you can cut as precisely as you want.

The result will be a pristine-looking garden that takes very little effort to keep under control.

Check also our article about best battery powered weed eaters and corded electric string trimmers!