Gardening Made Easy: 11 Best Lawn Sweepers

The average person mows their grass, racks, and gathers up all the debris mowers leave behind quite often. Usually weekly. While some pay others to do the job, many take pride in taking care of their lawn.

That does not mean you would not like to make the job a little easier on yourself. Lawn sweepers price range is wide, so no need to worry about breaking the bank.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure where to start. In this list we have put together of some of the best lawn sweepers out there that should help.

Best Lawn Sweepers Review

There are many different brands of sweepers, but all will have a bag (bagger/hopper) of some sort attached to them. They all may look different, have different weights, features, brush styles, but they typically work the same.

A yard sweeper uses gas, electric, human power, or is pulled behind a lawnmower. They are used to brush the yard, which dislodges any leftover grass, leaves, pine needles, and other debris. The brushes then fling the debris up into a bag called a bagger or hopper.

The bag can be anywhere from 3 cubic feet to almost 30 for the average lawn sweeper. There are only three basic types of lawn sweepers, though:

  1. Push lawn sweepers – It is as simple as it sounds; you push it across your grass. They are not powered by anything other than you. They typically have a much smaller bagger and are easily stored in a small area.
  2. Powered lawn sweepers – These will look like a push lawn sweeper but with the added benefit of being powered by gas or electricity. They can have a little bit larger bag on them. If you buy an electric, be prepared to get used to wrestling the cord. Once you get the hang of it, things will go smoothly, though.
  3. Pull behind lawn sweepers – These are typically pulled behind a garden tractor, riding lawn mower, ATV, or UTV. They also have the largest bags of the three. They will weigh much more also. You will be able to easily ride around collecting debris and usually (by using an included rope or handle) dump the debris out without even standing up.

1. Agri-Fab 45 – 0492 Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab 45 – 0492 Lawn Sweeper - 44 Inch

With this model, Agri – Fab has created a pull behind lawn sweeper you will need a lawnmower, tractor, or ATV to attach it to. It’s four brushes sweep up all the debris and send it flying into the large open style bagger.

It can hold up to 25 cubic feet of debris, has a sweep path of 44 inches wide, and is about 95 pounds. Making it a nice size lawn sweeper for large yards. Its 5.6 to 1 brush ratio makes it a little above average on speed. You can also mow and sweep at the same time.

It is assembled in under 30 minutes and only takes two tools. You can easily dump the large bagger with a simple pull of the included rope. After you are finished sweeping, it folds fairly flat to store.


  • Holds 25 cubic feet of debris
  • 44-inch sweep path
  • Fast speed brushes
  • Easy to put together
  • Great for small or large yards


  • At 95 lbs. it is not exactly the lightest thing

2. Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper

Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper – 50 Inch

This is another pull-behind model that will also need to be attached to a mower etc. to work. It’s spiral brush easily sweeps up even the smallest debris, tossing it into the almost fully covered bagger. It is easily assembled in under 20 minutes with one tool.

Its 50-inch wide sweep path makes it one of the largest on the list; the large sweep path means fewer passes. The bagger is 26 cubic feet, which are ideal for large yards. Not only can you empty the bagger from your seat. You can also mow and sweep at the same time.

It folds up easily in half without needing to remove any parts from it. It stores upright and barely takes up any space.


  • Its spiral brush sweeps far more efficiently than a traditional sweeper with many brushes.
  • Easily assembly – Takes under 20 minutes and only requires one tool.
  • The wide 9-inch chute means fewer clogs and less time wasted removing backed up debris.
  • You can save time by offsetting the lawn sweepers drawbar to allow for mowing and sweeping at the same time.


  •  4.5 to 1 brush ratio – You would think such a large machine would be faster.
  • At a little over 100 lbs makes for a difficult time dragging it around to put it up

3. Sun Joe AJ801E 13 Inch – 12 Amp Electric Scarifier + Lawn Dethatcher With Collection Bag

Sun Joe AJ801E 13 Inch – 12 Amp Electric Scarifier + Lawn Dethatcher With Collection Bag

Sun Joe created a lawn sweeper that is a two in one machine. You can change between the scarifying cylinder with blades or switch out to the dethatcher blade. Ever wonder why your grass will not grow thicker no matter what you do?

This could be the perfect tool for you. Your grass may have a thick layer of grass and roots that do not allow oxygen into the ground. This causes yellow dying grass and thin yards. You can rake your yard with the dethatcher or use the scarifier to cut the grassroots.

One is your standard brush attachment, while the other is made of metal and resembles the tips of a rake. It only has a 14-inch wide sweep path and a smaller bagger, so it’s ideal for smaller yards. At only 27 lbs. and can easily be carried around.

It is assembled easily and started with the simple press of a button.


  • 27 lbs
  • A simple press of the button start.
  • Not only does it sweep, but the second rake aerates your yard.


  • 14-inch wide sweeper path
  •  Corded – It’s a real pain trying to not run over cords and pull them around.
  • The bag is on the smaller side, so if you have a large yard, you will need to empty it often.

4. Craftsman Hi-Speed Lawn Sweeper

Craftsman Hi-Speed Lawn Sweeper

A whopping 6 brushes gather debris in this pull-behind lawn sweeper. The bag is almost fully enclosed with a see-through top making it easy to tell when it is full. The 8.5 to 1 brush to wheel ratio makes it by far the fastest lawn sweeper on the list.

The hi-speed makes the brushes spin 50% faster than the average lawn sweeper. This means far more sweeping power and less likely to miss debris. The flow-thru bag has advanced technology that allows the bag to fill efficiently. This means no wasted space in the bag. It will fill fully.

The easy-empty handle so you won’t need to get out of your seat or worry about lifting anything. The bagger is a little smaller than others, but the sweep path is a whopping 44 inches. The biggest drawback is this lawn sweeper does take far longer to assemble than the others on the list. We’re talking hours longer, which to some could be a deal-breaker.


  • The 22 cubic feet is a little on the smaller side but still larger than the standard push/electric sweeper.
  • Flow thru bag makes it fill fully
  • At 44 inches wide it has a decent size sweep path.


  • Assembly takes way too long

5. Agri – Fab 45-0320 Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

Agri – Fab 45-0320 Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

The Agri – Fab pull behind yard sweeper is definitely for a smaller yard. The bagger is smaller than average, and it would need to be dumped too often to make it worth your time in a large leaf-filled yard. Has an average brush to wheel ratio speed at 4.5 to 1. 

There are two long and thin brushes on this model. The brush design will pick up even the smallest pieces as they go up to ½ an inch into the grass, combing up all kinds of debris. It easily folds up for storage. At 68 lbs, it is one of the lightest pull behinds on the list, which could cause some issues. Lighter pull behinds could flip or spill. The sweep path is a nice size at 42 inches.

The 12 cubic foot bagger is almost comically small, though. For a large yard, you would be dumping far more than you will want to. This means it’s more for smaller yards, but the average person won’t need a pull behind for their small yard.


  • The brush design picks up the smaller debris too.


  • Weight – It could tip because it is so light
  • The 12 cubic foot bagger

6. Brinly STS-427LXH Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

Brinly STS-427LXH Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

This Brinly tow behind has 6 high – velocity brushes that will pick up almost all debris. Its long, thinner brushes are able to quickly get and scoop up more debris. The 20 cubic feet bagger is on the smaller size for a pull behind. Not recommended for use with ATV or UTV. A speed greater than 3-5 mph could damage the lawn sweeper. It is harder to control such a slow speed on an ATV vs. a lawnmower.

The 42-inch sweeper path means fewer passes, and with a 5 to 1 brush ratio, it’s a little above average. They have a patented storage design – it stores upright, and the bagger completely folds flat. At 80 lbs, though, it may be tough for some to maneuver it to storage. Its adjustable brush to ground contact height goes fairly low, meaning it can pick up acorns, walnuts, etc.


  • Easily folds up and stores upright to take up less space.
  • Comes with an ergonomic t-handle pull rope


  • It’s heavy

7. Right Hand Push Lawn Sweeper With Collection Bag

Right Hand Push Lawn Sweeper With Collection Bag

The first push style on the list is the Right-Hand push sweeper, which, as you know, takes no gas or electricity. There is also no need to have a tractor, ATV, or lawnmower. This ideal for a smaller yard as you would not want to push this all-around a large area.

It may seem like a simple design, but this lawn sweeper can still pick up as much as the electric, gas-powered, or pull behind lawn sweepers. The company says it will only take one pass to clean your yard.

Four brushes sweep up and debris and send it flying into the bagger. The bag is also removable and a lightweight seven cubic foot perfect for small yards. Even though it’s only human-powered, it still has an adjustable brush height.

The 26-inch-wide sweep path is a nice addition and will take you less time. It is 38 lbs. so as it fills up, it may get too heavy for some people to handle. When you go to empty it, there’s a built-in kickstand.


  • Human-powered – perfect for smaller homes
  • No need for extensions cords, ATV’s or gas
  • Can be easily stored


  • 38 lbs. – As it fills, the weight will add up fast

8. Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Spiral Sweeper

Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Spiral Sweeper

The Ohio Steel lawn sweeper has a spiral brush that consists of two 11-inch-long and thin brushes. It is also a pull-behind lawn sweeper. The 42-inch wide sweep path and 22 cubic foot bagger are a nice size for a large yard. You can adjust the brush height with a simple lever. The bagger

This brush technology is their patented design used across all of their lawn sweepers, and for good reason. The multiple brushes can pick up debris. However, the curved technology scoops up far much more debris.

Can easily be assembled in under 20 minutes. Folds flat to take up less space. It can be offset to mow and sweep at the same time. It has an easy to dump bagger, but at 102 lbs, it’s not the lightest sweeper to handle.


  • Easy assembly
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Sweeper width
  • The curved brushes sweeping up all debris


  • 102 pounds

9. Earthwise Push Lawn Sweeper

Earthwise Push Lawn Sweeper

Earthwise created a push lawn sweeper that is made up of many short brushes over the 21-inch wide length of the sweep path. The brushes spin at different times, catching lots of debris. The bagger is only three cubic feet making it extremely small. This will be only for small yards, particularly with no trees.

It is not recommended to pick up rocks, nuts, pinecones, or pine needles. Most other lawn sweepers can easily handle those small items. However, the company says it will pick up 80% in the first pass and 100% in the second.

It is only 13 lbs, and with its small bagger, it really is ideal for those with a little yard. It can be put in a closet or hung on a wall in your building. This lawn sweeper can be easily carried around. Other than the lower weight, there isn’t much that stands out on this yard sweeper.


  • 13 lbs


  • Can’t pick up any small debris
  • Three cubic foot bagger

10. Agri – Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper

Agri – Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper

Yet another Agri – Fab on the list, this push lawn sweeper is a great lightweight option for smaller yards. The smaller bag hopper will need to be unloaded more often in large yards. It has a nice 26-inch wide sweep path and only a seven cubic foot bagger. Ideal for smaller yards.

At only 25 lbs. it can easily be hung on a wall or carried. The hard plastic wheels will never go flat. The two double brushes can pick up small twigs to acorns and everything in between.

The bagger collapses quickly for storage and also detaches from the sweeper easily to making dumping a breeze. You can also simply flip the bag (while it’s still attached on one side) to dump it. No heavy lifting. There is little assembly needed – Goes together super quickly.


  • 25 lbs
  • Picks up even the smallest debris
  • Easily flip the bag to dump


  • Seven cubic foot bagger – not suitable for large yards

11. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools – Push Lawn Sweeper

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools – Push Lawn Sweeper

Last but not least, Scotts comes in with their push sweeper. Its small bagger and lower weight make it the perfect addition to a small yard home. Has a decent 26-inch wide sweep path and 4.4 cubic feet bagger making it one of the smallest baggers on the list.

Adjustable brush height and is easily assembled –little effort needed and completed in under 15 minutes. At only 13 lbs. It’s light enough to mount on the wall. The company says 80% of debris will be picked up the first pass.

It may not get all on the first pass, but it does do a great job of picking up pine cones to pine needles. Also has a comfortable foam grip handle.


  • Small – Perfect for small yards
  • 13 lbs smaller than most vacuums
  • Picks up the smallest debris


  • 4.4 cubic feet bagger – on the small side even for a push behind
Push lawn sweeper

Lawn Sweeper Buyer’s Guide

When buying any product, especially pricey equipment, it’s good to know what to look for.

What Style Will You Get?

Pull Behind – You need to have something to pull it with – ATV, UTV, lawnmower, or a tractor.

Electric – Do you have enough outlets and extension cords? Cords can be run over, and it’s sometimes a pain to work with a cord. Each electric lawn sweeper has its own recommendation as to how long of a cord you are allowed to use. Typically, anywhere from 50 to 100

Push – If the others won’t work for you, this is still a great contender, typically lighter, cheaper, and easier to store than the other two.

The Size of the Bagger

The bigger the yard, the larger the bag would need to be. That is if you don’t want to empty the bag ever 50 feet.

How Wide is the Lawn Sweeper?

Wider machines result in less passes through your yard.

What Will You be Picking Up in Your Lawn?

A large yard full of trees will fill the bagger far quicker than picking up leftover grass. Push lawn sweepers don’t need large bags. They will become heavy quickly, making it next to impossible to lug around your yard.

Storage Space

A typical lawn sweeper is fairly large. The size of a lawnmower, if not bigger. Finding one that can easily fold without taking anything apart is ideal.

Your Yard Type

Unlevel yard? Most yards are not perfectly flat. Finding a lawn sweeper that has an adjustable brush is ideal.

Some brushes dig into the grass deeper than others. They work to dislodge even the smallest of debris.

Is your family always tracking in the grass through your house? Adjusting the brush to the lowest setting is sure to gather up all the loose grass.


Some are capable of being pulled faster than others. Depending on what you will be pulling your lawn sweeper with makes all the difference.

Lawnmowers can typically go low at a steady pace

ATV’s and UTV’s can be difficult to keep at the right speed. You can easily go too fast, potentially destroying your lawn sweeper and pride.

Earthwise Push Lawn Sweeper in lawn with leaves


As you probably realized soon into the list, pull behind lawn sweepers are widely popular with human-powered push lawn mowers right behind them. It’s easy to see how useful a yard sweeper can be.

Whether you have a tiny yard or acres, there is a lawn sweeper for you out there. The wide variety of sizes, bag capacity, and type make them accessible to anyone. No matter the budget or amount of debris needing picked up.

There isn’t an extra skill needed to easily sweep your lawn. Some lawn sweepers may have a few extra features, but, in the end, they all come close to each other in performance.

So no need to worry if you can’t afford the more expensive ones. Your yard will look tidier with even the basic lawn sweeper.