The 15 High Quality Leaf Rakes

A few fallen leaves in your garden might not seem like a problem, at least initially.

But soon enough, with more and more leaves falling, you might discover you have a big problem.

That’s why you need to invest in one of the best lines of defense – you need the best leaf rake.

Leaf rakes are simple but effective tools in collecting leaves quickly and easily around your garden. But raking can be a lot of work, and your back, knees, and arms can become very sore after a day of collecting leaves.

What if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

Many of the best lawn rakes of today are specially designed with your comfort in mind. They are lightweight, durable, and come with long shafts that correct your posture and relieve pressure on joints as you move.

The best rakes help you work smarter, not harder. And investing in them will help you solve your leaf problem without taking it out on your body.

With that in mind, we’ve saved you lots of time by picking 15 of our favorites to compare with.

15 of the Best Leaf Rakes

1. Fiskars PRO Leaf Rake 65 Inches

Fiskars PRO Leaf Rake 65 Inches

Clean up leaves and debris in a fraction of time with this high-quality lawn rake from Fiskars.

This hand leaf rake features an extruded aluminum handle with double-bolted connections for maximum strength and durability. The handle is also cleverly designed, with extra-long reach to improve posture and reduce joint fatigue.

A teardrop-shaped shaft fits the contours of your hand snuggly for exceptional support and comfort. The handle also has multiple grip-positions for right and left-handed users.

The simple, heavy-duty construction of this rake makes it a reliable choice for daily, quality performance under all conditions. Metal tabs keep the tine rod locked in place, so nothing will ever come loose or break under pressure.

Finally, this rake is incredibly lightweight at just 2.84 lbs., making it very convenient to carry around your garden when at work.


  • High-quality materials make this rake durable and strong
  • Extra-long handle corrects and supports posture
  • Lightweight

2. TRG The Groundskeeper II Rake

TRG The Groundskeeper II Rake

The truth is in the name, as this rake has all the potential to keep your gardens, lawns, and paths leaf-free and well maintained like a groundskeeper.

The real strength of this leaf rake is the rounded, stiff tines. Unlike flat, flexible tines from competing models, this rake removes leaves from bushes and grass by allowing green stems to pass between tines without harming them.

You can also move sticks, twigs, chips, and bark in the same way without making unsightly track marks across your lawn.

The handle is 55” long and made of distinctive yellow fiberglass for durable, reliable performance. Replacement tines and handles can be purchased separately, meaning you can


  • Simply design with easy assembly
  • Distinct yellow color can help you find the rake in busy spaces

3. Omni Products Telescopic Adjustable Leaf Rake

Omni Products Telescopic Adjustable Leaf Rake

With both precision and versatility, this hand leaf rake from Omni will help pick up leaves without causing any damage to surrounding flowers.

The fan head adjusts with an easy movement,  and the handle telescopes quickly easily from a starting point of 32” to 62.5”.

This rake is particularly well suited to working under hedges where it might be hard to reach, and flower beds where you might need to be gentler.

The small head of the rake, together with adjustable tines ranging from 7.5” to 19”, allows you to rake up leaves and debris between flowers without damaging them.

The rake is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, providing it with strength and durability, whilst still keeping it lightweight at just 2.29 lbs.

Lastly, a rubberized handle is ergonomic and comfortable and will support multiple hand positions as you rake.


  • Telescopic handle extends reach to 62.5”, and retracts for easy storage
  • Adjustable tines allow you to rake flower beds without damaging flowers
  • High-quality aluminum is tough and lightweight

4. Corona GT  Extendable Handle Rake

Corona GT  Extendable Handle Rake

With an impressive reach and heat-treated durability, this hand leaf rake from Corona will take all the hassle and labor from collecting leaves on your lawn.

Firstly, an extendable handle reaching 32” allows you to reach under bushes, shrubs, or hard-to-reach places without compromising on your posture. The rake features a sleek-looking carbon-dioxide coating on all its tines that resist chipping and rust.

The thick handle is made of durable and lightweight aluminum for long-lasting service. It’s also ribbed for a non-slip grip and is comfortable for all-day use.

A useful metal ring is incorporated into the handle and can be used to hang the rake when not in use, for easy, compact storage.


  • Heat-treated parts of the rake add to its’ durability
  • 32” extendable reach allows you to reach under shrubs and bushes with ease
  • A metal ring a the end of the handle allows for very easy storage
  • Tines are coated with carbon-dioxide which resist chipping and rust

5. Bully Tools Poly Leaf Rake with Fiberglass Handle

Bully Tools Poly Leaf Rake with Fiberglass Handle

This high-quality leaf rake from Bully Tools promises unmatched strength and durability, and can easily help you declutter your lawn from fallen leaves.

We think you’ll agree that it’s made with very high-quality materials. The handle is made with thick fiberglass and has a reinforced wooden core, providing comfort and strength with every rake. There’s also an extended steel ferrule which helps the rake to resist bending.

The handle has an extended reach of 50”, which allows you to reach tightly enclosed spaces such as under shrubs with ease.

Reinforcement ridges on both sides of tines create superior strength and help to prevent any breakages or damage whilst working, even when raking through harsh materials. Tines are angled at 90-degrees and help to reduce pressure and strain whilst raking.

Lastly, weighing only 3.4 lbs., and with a head of  30” by 22”, this rake is lightweight and easy to carry around the garden. It also promises simple, straight-forward assembly.


  • High-quality fiberglass handle with a reinforced wooden core
  • Reinforced tines for superior strength and durability
  • 50” extended reach for a variety of raking needs
  • Lightweight

6. HOMIMP Adjustable 38”- 63” Garden Leaf Rake

HOMIMP Adjustable 38”- 63” Garden Leaf Rake

With an impressive maximum reach of 63”, this leaf rake from HOMIMP is the perfect tool for helping to rake leaves in even the hardest to reach places of your garden.

Made from stainless steel, this rake is rust-proof, long-lasting, and incredibly lightweight. The handle is composed of four tubes and can vary in length from 38” to 63”, depending on your needs.

The longer handle potential ensures you’ll have better posture when you are raking. Two telescopic buttons on each pipe to help connect them, and will never become loose even after continued use.

When not in use you can disassemble the rake for convenient storage.

With a head width of 19”, this rake features 25 nicely-spaced tines which are designed to rake in leaves on lawns and in between flowers without causing any damage.


  • Impressive maximum reach of 63”
  • You can change the length of the rake depending on your needs
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

7. Professional EZ Travel Collection Telescopic Folding Lawn Rake

Professional EZ Travel Collection Telescopic Folding Lawn Rake

Maintaining your garden will never be any easier, thanks to this impressive lawn rake which specializes in clearing leaves.

First, this rake has an adjustable fan head which can become more compact and helps strengthen tines as you rake. Tines are made of tough steel and can go from 7.5” to 21.75” in width, allowing you to rake along flower beds without damaging plant roots.

Made of a durable aluminum alloy, which offers strength and durability, a telescoping handle allows for you to rake in even the tightest of spaces, extending from 37” to 68”.

And with the help of an ergonomic, rubberized handle, you will always feel comforted and supported whilst raking. Hand fatigue will be a thing of the past!

8. A.M. Leonard Narrow Shrub Rake

A.M. Leonard Narrow Shrub Rake

Perfect for raking leaves between shrubs, perennials, and other tight places, this hand rake will help clean up your gardens in a flash.

This rake has 10 tines which are reinforced with an additional spring to help you ‘dig in’ to the material as you rake. The rake head is 8” wide and securely bolted to the handle, making the overall rake sturdy and strong.

With a long handle measuring 54”, you’ll be able to rake in hard-to-reach places with incredible ease. The 1” thick diameter of the handle will also be comfortable to hold, even for extended periods.


  • 54” handle allows you to rake long distances
  • 1” thick diameter of the hardwood handle allows for a comfortable grip
  • 10 tines are reinforced with additional springs to help “dig into” material


  • A smaller number of tines

9. True Temper Clog Free 41” Poly Leaf Rake

True Temper Clog Free 41” Poly Leaf Rake

Featuring an innovative, patented head design, this poly leaf rake from True Temper is an all-around superstar rake.

First, let’s talk about the head – it is designed specially to prevent leaves from clogging tines as you work. 11 prongs which measure 24” in width allow you to rake large amounts without stopping.

The 48” handle is made of hardwood and is durable and long-lasting. It’s also an ideal length for long sweeps and correcting posture. A cushion-end rip to the handle comforts and supports your hands throughout.

This hand leaf rake is ideally suited for medium to large yard spaces where you want to work on large quantities of leaves, both quickly and efficiently.


  • The patented head design prevents clogging and ensures consistent large raking
  • 48” handle is made of hardwood
  • Cushion grip ensures comfort
  • Lightweight, 24” head width rakes large quantities of leaves through every stroke

10. Alterra Tools 3-in-1 Leaf Rake with Detachable, Soft Grip Handle

Alterra Tools 3-in-1 Leaf Rake with Detachable, Soft Grip Handle

This 3-in-1 hand leaf rake is the answer to collecting all leaves from your lawns, paths, and flower beds, in one handy tool.

This rake has 3 different modes you can change to, depending on the job at hand. First, it can be used as a general-purpose 30” wide rake, which can make short work of any leaves on gardens or flower beds alike.

A 7” shrub-rake mode is perfect for raking hard-to-reach places around shrubs and bushes, while the leaf-grabber is perfect for picking up piles of gathered leaves.

The rake comes with two detachable aluminum handles, both of which measure 23.5” and can be joined together or used separately easily, depending on the desired length you want. With a total length of 47”, your posture will improve with every rake.

Finally, the handles have a foam grip which will comfort and support your hands throughout your jobs. A convenient hole located at the end of the handle also means the rake can be easily stored and hung up.


  • 3-in-1 modes allow you to customize rake depending on your job
  • Foam grip handles for comfort
  • Impressive 47” max length

11. Berry&Bird Stainless Steel Hand Grass Rake

erry&Bird Stainless Steel Hand Grass Rake

This small, light hand rake is very impressive for landscaping and cleaning up leaves in areas where you need to be precise and gentle.

With 9 flat tines that work in unison to break up and loosen material, or collect debris like fallen leaves, this rake is ideal for working close to the ground in areas like flower beds or underneath shrubs where you want to work without damaging vulnerable roots.

The handle is made of high-quality ash wood and is specially designed to fit the contour of your hand and offers unmatched support over long periods of use.

The metal parts of the rake are made of stainless steel and are both heat and corrosion-treated. Expect at least 10 years of continued use.

The connection between the metal rake and the wooden handle is smooth, seamless, and strong. Finally, attached to the wooden handle is a stylish leather hanging-rope, which allows for a simple way to hang and store your tool when not in use.


  • The stylish design is specially designed for comfortable hand-use
  • 9 flat tines work to break up and loosen material
  • Leather hanging rope offers a simple storage option


  • It’s advisable to clean this tool after every use.
  • Do not store in a damp place.
  • Small and so not ideal for large gardens

12. Arcadius Garden 63” Telescopic Garden Leaf Rake and 72 Gallon Leaf Waste Bag

Arcadius Garden 63” Telescopic Garden Leaf Rake and 72 Gallon Leaf Waste Bag

Gather and store fallen leaves with incredible ease, thanks to this telescopic leaf rake from Arcadius Garden.

With an expanding rake head (7” to 22”), this rake can work in both small areas where space is limited, to large open-spaced garden lawns.

And with 15 adjustable tines, it gathers leaves quickly and easily. This lawn rake is made of galvanized steel with a zinc coat to prevent rust and wear-and-tear.

The telescopic steel handle can extend to 47”, which is an ideal length to help with posture and ensures you can rake large quantities of leaves up in one motion.

This rake also comes with an impressive 72-gallon waste bag where you can store your collected leaves.


  • Comes with a 72-gallon waste bag for collected leaves
  • 47” telescopic reach
  • Made of galvanized steel and zinc coating which is durable and strong


  • Not suitable for working on rocks or heavy materials.

13. Fiskars Leaf Rake

Fiskars Leaf Rake

This is an ideal rake for moving large quantities of leaves quickly and easily with no fuss!

It’s patented design features curved tines which grab leaves without ever clogging, making every job easier and efficient.

With a 24” wide head, the rake will move large quantities of leaves with every swing. And with an extra-long handle, your posture will be supported throughout.

Tines are made with a durable resin and can flex without breaking. A strong aluminum handle also provides long-lasting service, whilst still being lightweight and easy to carry.

Finally, a teardrop-shaped shaft provides exceptional comfort and control as you work.


  • Curved tines grab leaves without clogging
  • 24” wide head lets you rake large quantities at a time
  • Tines are made with durable resin and can flex without breaking
  • Teardrop-shaped shaft

14. ERGIE SYSTEMS 54-Inch Leaf Rake

ERGIE SYSTEMS 54-Inch Leaf Rake

Work smarter, not harder with this impressive, durable leaf rake from Ergie Systems.

First, one of the signature benefits of this rake is the extra handle, which gives you significantly more leverage and reduces strain on the body. That is especially important when you consider how labouriously raking can be!

A large D-grip allows for more control as you rake. And with 24 2” tines, each stroke will collect a sizable amount of leaves.

Lastly, with an easy 3-piece smark lock assembly, you can put this rake to work almost immediately, and likewise, you can easily disassemble and conveniently store it.


  • An extra handle helps reduce strain by giving you more leverage
  • Large D-grip improves control
  • 54” shaft
  • Features a 3-piece smark lock assembly

15. DVCOM 63” Adjustable Garden Rake

DVCOM 63” Adjustable Garden Rake

The last of our leaf rake reviews is this impressive 63” garden rake from Dvcom.

With an impressive 63” telescopic handle, you can work longer whilst bending less and suffer less from fatigue.

The 23” large head allows the rake to collect even more leaves than rival competitors. For smaller jobs in enclosed spaces, or raking which needs to be more precise, you can reduce the width to as small as 7” with a simple switch.

With a 1” thick aluminum handle, this garden rake is extra durable whilst still being lightweight, and will last the test of time.  More stability also helps keep the 15 steel tines in place and to collect leaves more efficiently.


  • Impressive 63” telescopic length
  • 23” maximum width can be compacted to 7” depending on the job
  • 1” thick aluminum handle is long-lasting


  • Not designed for heavy-duty use such as rock or heavy materials.

Leaf Rake Buying Guide

There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing the best leaf rake.

Different types of rakes

Big or small? Wide or narrow? That all depends

Deciding where your rake will be used is key to figuring out which rake is the best fit for you.

For example, if you are going to be primarily raking lawns, then a wide rake is preferable as you‘ll collect leaves quicker without having to worry too much about the grass underneath.

If you are concentrating on raking shrubs, flower beds, rockeries, or tightly-enclosed spaces where there may be delicate flowers and roots, you might consider a rake with a much narrower width, in the range of 7-10” for precise raking.

What if the answer is both? Well, the good news for you is that many rakes, however, excel in both big and small spaces and their width can be adjusted with a simple switch.

How long is too long?

You may have noticed that many of the rakes we recommend come with extendable or telescopic lengths.

A rake which can become longer or shorter is incredibly useful for several reasons, including:

  • It can suit a variety of different heights
  • Use shorter lengths to allow for more precise work (rockeries, flower beds)
  • Use a longer length for quicker work over large, open areas (lawns, paths, patios)
  • Longer lengths can also reach hard-to-get spaces (under shrubs, behind trees)
Raking leaves

Lightweight and comfortable = a happier body

A leaf rake is one tool you must ensure is lightweight – after all, you’re going to be carrying it a lot. And the last thing you want is a sore back or knees from a day’s gardening.

Keep an eye on rakes made of aluminum in particular. Aluminum is a durable and resistant material but is also incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Ensure the rake you buy only weighs a few pounds.

Also, take note of the rake’s handle, and make sure it’s well designed.

Many of our recommendations have ergonomically-designed handles. Pay particular attention to handles that have soft material grips, like rubber, as these offer unrivaled support.


Raking is one of those inventible gardening chores. Leaves will always fall, and will always need to be picked up.

And while many gardeners shriek in fear at the sight of a garden rake, and can think of only sore backs, knees, and arms, the best leaf rake will take care of you and your chores with ease.

Leaf rakes should allow you to work smarter, not harder. Investing in the best will have so many benefits. You’ll collect more pesky leaves quicker, easier, and with less pain and fatigue.

And most importantly, you’ll have more time to enjoy that beautiful garden of yours!