15 Beautiful Pots for Succulents

In today’s world of concrete and skyscrapers, gardening has become a distant reality from most of our busy lives. Many people now live in homes with little outdoor space and frequently move around making it almost impossible to cultivate any type of plant life. However, there is one family of plants that is sweeping the modern world. 

In apartments, in coffee shops, and in our homes and businesses, the succulent has become the plant to which we turn when we need nature to come to us. However, if you want to experience for yourself why these hardy little plants are so popular, there is one essential piece of equipment you will need first: a pot.

Before you can add a green friend to your home, you need a home for them. After all, many of us purchase succulents as a form of decoration, and the pot becomes part of this aspect just as much as the plant. But there are probably more pots to choose from than plants so where do you even start? Picking the proper pot for succulent involves several factors: where it will go, what it will hold, and of course, what style you prefer.

Even if you know all of these things, how do you set out finding that perfect pot that meets your criteria? Luckily, we have done the hard work for you. With our detailed descriptions of the best succulent pots on the market, you can easily find the best pot to start or continue your succulent collection.

Top 15 Best Pots for Succulents

1. HOMENOTE 6/5/3.8 inch White Succulents Pots – Set of 3

HOMENOTE 6/5/3.8 inch White Succulents Pots

Homenote’s succulent planter pot set comes with three pots of varying sizes. The pots all have a drainage hole to prevent overwatering and root rot as well as bamboo trays to ensure that the extra water does not cause damage. The plain white will not only look good anywhere but also ensure that your beautiful succulents are the center focus.

The unique aspect of this planter pot set is the varying sizes. With three different size pots, your decorating and succulent options increase immensely. The largest pot can easily become a centerpiece and affords plenty of room to plant multiple succulents in an arrangement. The smaller pots can be placed on desks, side tables, or even windowsills.

The smallest pot in this set (3.8 inches) is still larger than many of the pots available in other sets with enough room for one to two plants. If you want to be able to create picturesque arrangements within each pot and with the pots themselves, this is the set for you.

2. Joda 10 Inch Mid Century Round Succulent Planter with Stand – 1 pot

Joda 10 Inch Mid Century Round Succulent Planter with Stand

Want a centerpiece or something for your coffee table that is a little more alive? This large single pot on a stand from Joda makes an elegant base for your succulents. At 10 inches across there is more than adequate room in this round pot for a multi-succulent masterpiece. You can finish off your arrangement with the included marble gravel. 

This white pot comes with two drainage holes, carefully positioned so that water will not drip on the stand and cause damage. This does mean that water could potentially drip on your table, but the pot comes with two drain plugs.

This large pot and stand are ready to make a statement. If you want to show off your succulents this planter will not disappoint. 

3. BUYMAX Succulent Plant Pots – 3.5 inch White Ceramic Flower Pot – Set of 8

BUYMAX Succulent Plant Pots – 3.5 inch White Ceramic Flower Pot

Not everyone wants a large pot in which multiple succulents must be carefully arranged. Some of us prefer small pots we can easily move, rearrange, and use to spread greenery throughout our home. Enter BuyMax’s set of white ceramic pots. This pack of eight 3.5-inch diameter cylinder pots will let you spread the succulent joy.

With bamboo trays to ensure clean drainage, this set of eight gives limitless options. Put one on your desk, one on the patio, one on your nightstand, give one to a friend, take another to the office, or arrange all eight along a bookshelf or windowsill. Movable and simple these pots can go anywhere. If you find yourself with multiple succulents who need a home and multiple places to put them, this set is a wonderful choice.

4. Segreto Creative Plants Flower Pots Brush Pots Ornaments for Succulent Plants – 1 pot

Segreto Creative Plants Flower Pots Brush Pots Ornaments for Succulent Plants

Goodbye elegance, hello cute and fun! There’s a place for simplistic and sleek designs, but there are also times when we want something to brighten our living space and put a smile on our face. Segreto’s planter pots for succulents can do just that.

This planter comes with a hedgehog family to live alongside your succulents giving your plants a fun and casual look. The actual planting space is much smaller than the pot itself so this is likely best for those who do not want multi-succulent arrangements.

The design does come with a cost: drainage. This pot has no drainage. It also has low water seepage so plants should be watered less at a time and more frequently. These potential problems are easily managed, but it pays to be aware.

If hedgehogs are too prickly, Segreto also has pots featuring deer, dogs, cats, frogs, rabbits, and more so you can be sure of finding one that appeals to you.

5. Brajttt 2.5 Inch Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot – Set of 6

Brajttt 2.5 Inch Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot

The Brajtt pot set includes six colored anglazed ceramic planter pots for an aesthetic that pair perfectly with their succulent inhabitants. These six pots all come with a drainage hole and bamboo tray. Three of the pots have flat bases, while three are standing with small feet.

With color schemes centered around black, light brown, and light blue these pots provide a striking contrast to the green, red, and even blue of many succulents. In these pots, your plants will be sure to remain highly visible. The glazed finish on these ceramic pots also lends a look of polish.

Small in size, these six pots are perfect for placing in various places around your home. Windowsills, side tables, desks, counters, and bookshelves all make a suitable place. With 6 different color schemes and even 6 different shapes, this pot set will create a unique yet complementary look around your home.

6. ZOUTOG Succulent Pots, 4 inch – Set of 6

ZOUTOG Succulent Pots

Looking for something a little bolder? The Zoutog pot set includes six pots that are both a bit bigger than other mini pot sets for more plant space and come in a more colorful range of hues: royal blue, red, dark green, light blue, yellow, and light green. With an ice crack paint pattern that lends texture to the solid colors and a blooming bulb shape, these simple and colorful pots maintain an elegant and modern look while brightening up your living space.

These pots also come with the standard drainage hole and bamboo tray combination to ensure both plant health and the safety of your furniture. At a 4-inch diameter, you have more room than other mini pot sets, but these pots are still best suited to small and slow-growing plants such as succulents. The variety of colors make this set particularly good for gifts. Your family or roommates can pick their favorite color and start raising their own succulent!

7. ALLFEIYA Succulent Plants Pots, 3.2 Inch – Set of 4

ALLFEIYA Succulent Plants Pots

Some of us want pots that have more going on in pattern design, but we may not necessarily lean towards cute woodland creatures as our preferred decorating choice. For those of us leaning towards that modern sleek look but still want something more than plain white, this four-set of black and white geometric patterned pots from Allfeiya is the ideal solution.

With two sets to choose from you can pick your preferred patterns. The black and white scheme creates an interesting design that does not detract from the bright colors of the plants. Small and with a neutral design these pots are sure to make an excellent addition anywhere you may wish to put them, especially as they come with bamboo trays to protect your surfaces.

The set of four may also be appealing to beginning succulent enthusiasts who aren’t sure about caring for six or eight plants. With a modern design and only four pots to plant and place, this set of succulent pots would work great for anyone seeking to start adding some green to their busy life.

8. T4U 3 Inch Succulent Pots – Set of 2

T4U 3 Inch Succulent Pots

What’s better than four pots to manage when you’re a first-time succulent parent? Two pots! These bowl-shaped pots from T4U come in three pastel color choices: blue, pink, and light blue. The pack includes bamboo trays for both pots.

Not sure about succulents? These planter pots offer a perfect way to try them out. The light colors and 2 pot set are a subtle and small addition to your home. If you want to add a little nature to your home but are not ready to go all-in, these planter pots are for you.

9. Ufrount 3 Inches Ceramic Planter Pot – Set of 6

Ufrount 3 Inches Ceramic Planter Pot

Not sure what design you want? Ufrount has a set of planter pots for you. With a geometric set, a marble patterned set, an owl set with marble textures, and a set with multicolored patterns, Ufrount has something that can fit your aesthetic, whatever it may be.

This set of 6 planter pots again comes with bamboo trays. The size of the pots varies slightly based on the design with the colored patterns being the largest and the marbled being the smallest. However, all of the different styles are close enough in size that they would be used for the same plants. The difference amounts to less than an inch.

Whether you like simple, modern, colorful, elegant, or fun, you can find a style in this Ufrount 6 set of planter pots that will mesh with you and your living space.

10. Dsben 3.2 Inch Succulent Plant Pots – Set of 3

Dsben 3.2 Inch Succulent Plant Pots

Speaking of options, Dsben is another brand that offers multiple styles including geometric, neutral color marbled, and multicolor patterned. This set only comes with 3 pots, which could be a bad or a good thing depending on your space and wishes.

Dsben pots come with a drainage hole and bamboo tray, as do most of our selected planter pots. However, these pots also come with one additional item: a mesh pad. This pad goes between the bamboo tray and pot providing a firm grip on your pot. Ever had a pot slip off its tray and break? This mesh pad is a simple solution to slipping and sliding pots.

While this set of 3 does come with options in paint patterns, unlike the Ufrount pots there is no variation in shape. The different designs consist of different paint patterns all on a basic cylindrical pot, so if you like pots that use their shape as part of the design these may be overly simple.

11. FairyLavie 3.5 Inch Succulent Pots – Set of 6

FairyLavie 3.5 Inch Succulent Pots

Maybe you need multiple succulent pots, but you don’t want it to look like you just bought a standard pack. Preserving your unique and organic style is important but so is convenience and saving money. This is where the FairyLavie pack of six succulent pots presents a great possibility.

These mini pots come in a variety of both shapes and colors but with an overall theme that keeps all the pots complementary while also being unique. You can decorate your home with all the convenience of a matched set without that dreaded cookie-cutter feel.

It should be noted that although these pots have drainage holes, they do not come with bamboo trays. These pots also come with a money back guarantee if the pot breaks or has any defects, which when it comes to breakables such as ceramic pots can be much-needed security.

12. ZOUTOG 6 inch White Ceramic Flower Planter Pot – Set of 2

ZOUTOG 6 inch White Ceramic Flower Planter Pot

Some of us want to spend our time focusing on the look of the plants and not the pots, but of course, we still need pots. If you aren’t much of a pot person these planter pots from Zoutog are for you. Shallow and white these are the minimalist option for succulent planter pots.

While mini pots are certainly a great option, sometimes we want something with more room to create succulent masterpieces. This two pot set features two round pots 6 inches in diameter and bamboo trays for each. These pots provide enough room for a large succulent arrangement to accent your coffee or dining table. If you want your plants to have all the attention these pots are the way to go.

13. SoB Baby Groot Flowerpot Succulent Planters Flowerpots 6″ – 1 pot

SoB Baby Groot Flowerpot Succulent Planters Flowerpots 6"

Want something that everyone who enters your home is bound to notice? Maybe you’re a superhero nerd who needs to express themselves? Or maybe you have kids you want to teach to take care of plants? Whatever your reason this planter pot shaped like Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy is a fun and functional addition to your home.

Groot is made of PVC, a hardy material that does not break or crack, making Groot even more of a kid-friendly planter. Groot also comes with a drainage hole for plant health and with a 3-inch diameter he is around the size of an average succulent pot. You can rest assured that your plants will be healthy and happy in this creative pot. And besides who better to watch over your plants than a tree? 

14. Bluegrid Succulent Pots 3 Inch – Set of 3

Bluegrid Succulent Pots 3 Inch

While some of our other pots featured geometric patterns, Bluegrid’s succulent pots take geometry into their very shape. With an angled multifaceted shape, these small pots are sure to catch the light and attract notice. The set of 3 features a white, black, and beige pot for a sophisticated look that goes with anything.

 With drainage holes and bamboo trays, these pots are everything you need to add a little nature and elegance to your home.

15. VanEnjoy 7.3 inch Round Large Shallow Succulent Ceramic Glazed Planter Pot – 1 pot

VanEnjoy 7.3 inch Round Large Shallow Succulent Ceramic Glazed Planter Pot

Some of us want the best of both worlds: a colorful pot and a gorgeous succulent arrangement. Not everyone loves white! VanEnjoy has got you covered with this single pot.

Large and shallow, as the name suggests, this planter gives your plants plenty of room to shine and thrive. However, this planter also comes in a variety of vibrant colors: blue, red, green, yellow, and white (in case you missed this option). The colors are accented with brown ensuring that the pot remains bright without becoming gaudy.

This planter does have a drainage hole but does not come with a bamboo tray. If you want a colorful centerpiece for your table this pot from VanEnjoy is all you need.

Best Pots for Succulents Buying Guide

Now that you have some great options, how do you know what pot is best for you and your succulents? Asking yourself the below three questions is a great and simple way to narrow down your options to the perfect pot.

Please note that none of the pots come with succulents or soil. You will have to buy those separately once you have picked out the perfect pot to be your succulent’s new home!

Succulents in different pots

What Will Go in My Pots?

Succulents of course! The question here really refers to how many and how big the plants are you want to purchase. If you would like multiple large succulents together, you will need a bigger pot. If you plan on getting small individual succulents, a set of mini pots is probably best.

Where Do I Want to Put My Pots?

Where you intend to place your pots is another key factor. If you are hoping to have a catchy centerpiece you should get a bigger round pot. However, if you want the pots to be able to go on your windowsill you will need something smaller.

The number of pots you hope to buy is also determined by placement. How much room do you have? Got a ton of places that could use a plant or hoping to give some away as gifts? Then buy a set of six or eight pots. Just want to brighten up your coffee table? You would do better with just one or two pots.

The other concern with placement is damage. If you plan to put your pot on your brand-new table, making sure it comes with a bamboo tray is essential to avoid water damage. However, if you want to put your pots outside then the bamboo trays might be an unnecessary addition.

Different succulents in different colors of pots

What Style Do I Like? 

The final and perhaps most important question is all about style. What do you like? Want something elegant and simple? You would probably prefer a geometric or plain white pot. Hoping to brighten things up? Try a pot with some color. Want something fun and eye-catching? Consider the Groot shaped pot or the one featuring woodland animals. There is no right answer here, but it is important to consider what you prefer before trying to sort through the enormous amount of options.


Since we don’t want to kill our plants there are a few restrictions you should keep in mind when figuring out what you want.

The main thing to consider is that succulents do need sunlight! When picking a place to keep your succulents make sure they have access to the sun. Mini pots may be easier to move around to achieve this.

Succulents also need water but not nearly as much as other types of plants. Making sure that the drainage hole can function properly is essential, especially if you find that you have trouble watering the correct amount.

Succulent types


Succulents have become a craze in our busy technologically driven lives. They offer a slice of nature that anyone can care for and that can survive anywhere… that is as long as you have a pot!

Because succulents are a hardy and slow-growing plant, selecting the right pot depends mostly on your own preferences. Do you want separate pots, or would you like all your succulents in one arrangement? Colorful or neutral? Elegant or fun? Coffee table or windowsill? There are endless possibilities, so buy a pot and plant your first succulent!