Brown Tip on Zebra Plant Causes – How to Fix It?

A zebra plant is a type of succulent that is found in the South African region. The name zebra plant comes from the black and white stripes that it has on its leaves.

Zebra plants are known for their long, narrow leaves that have a thick texture and a waxy surface. They also have small flowers that grow up from the center of their leaves.

These flowers can be either red or yellow in color and they usually last for only one day before wilting away to nothingness.

Zebra Plant - Haworthia fasciata

Zebra Plant – Haworthia fasciata

Zebra plants can survive in a wide range of climates, but they do best when they are grown in an environment where there is plenty of sunlight, which will make them grow faster.

Even thought Zebra plants are native to Africa, but they can grow in the home environment. They are typically green with brown tips. There are several reasons that a zebra plant may have brown tips on its leaves and in this article we will discuss how to avoid brown leaves and how to deal with them.

General Care For the Zebra Plant

The Zebra Plant is a succulent, which means it needs to be watered sparingly. It’s recommended to water the plant once a week and make sure that the soil doesn’t dry out.

The Zebra Plant does not need much sunlight, so it can be placed in a shaded area or a window with indirect light. The Zebra Plant also needs to be kept in a warm room, not too hot or cold.

Zebra plants are easy to take care of. They are low-maintenance, requiring very little water and light. To give your zebra plant the best chance of survival, make sure it is in a well-lit area near a window. Keep the soil moist at all times, but not soggy or wet.

How to Prevent Brown Tips from Occurring in Your Zebra Plant

Brown tips are a common problem for many gardeners. The tips of the leaves turn brown and die, and this can be caused by a number of reasons. Browning is often caused by an imbalance in the soil or nutrients, but it can also be caused by too much or too little water.

The first step to prevent brown tips from occurring is to make sure that your zebra plant has proper drainage and that the soil is well-drained and not sitting in water. If you suspect that your zebra plant has been over-watered, then you should try watering it less frequently or using less water when you do water it.

What Causes Brown Tips on Zebra Plants?

Brown tips on zebra plants are caused by a fungus called Rhizoctonia. It is a common disease that affects many different plants, including zebra plants.

The brown tips on zebra plants can be caused by a number of things, including:

  • Too much water,
  • Poor drainage,
  • Insects,
  • Fungal infections,
  • Harsh chemicals or fertilizers.

What You Should Do if Your Zebra Plant Has Brown Tips

Zebra plants are a beautiful addition to any home or office space. They come in a variety of colors and add a splash of color to any room. Sometimes, they can get brown tips, which is not uncommon for plants to do. There are many reasons why this could happen, but the most common reasons are over-watering and too much sun exposure.

If your Zebra plant has brown tips, there are some things that you can do to help it grow back healthy leaves. You should first check to see if it is getting too much sun exposure by moving it away from the window or adding more light sources nearby. Next, you should cut off all brown leaves and let the plant rest for 2-3 days before watering again.

How to Fix Brown Tip on Zebra Plant?

Browning of leaves can be caused by several factors including drought, over or under watering, nutrient deficiency, over-exposure to direct sunlight, insect pests, and too much fertilizer.

First, make sure that the plant is receiving an appropriate amount of water. It may need more or less water depending on the type of soil that is in the pot and the amount of sun that it receives. If you are watering the plant regularly, you might want to check to see if there


This is a fairly common problem with Zebra Plants. The brown tip on the leaves is caused by low humidity or over-watering.

Brown tips on zebra plant is a common issue that can be caused by many factors. It can be caused by over-watering, too much fertilizer, or even too much sun exposure. The good news is that there are some remedies to help with this issue such as cutting off the brown tips and adding more water to the soil.

The solution to this problem is to increase the humidity in your home or office by using a humidifier or placing your plant on a tray of pebbles and water. Another solution is to reduce the frequency of watering and make sure that you are watering from below – not from above.