11 Best Compost Bins for Your Garden

Did you know that up to 30% of your household waste can be composted? And that composting saves you money and helps your garden grow?

Composting is simply mixing organic matter, letting it breakdown naturally into nutrient-rich fertilizer, and is incredibly easy to do.

But before you begin, there’s one important piece of equipment you need –the best compost bin.

Compost bins are specially designed to hold and protect everything from food scraps, grass cuttings and more, in a convenient, hygienic way. The better bin you have, the better compost you’ll produce.

The best compost bins help by:

Compost bin components

So how do you find the best one? We’ve picked 11 of the best compost bins for your every need. From indoor bins which fit nicely into any kitchen space to outdoor containers with massive capacity for all kinds of waste.

Each one will help you save money, and produce the finest, high-quality compost possible.

11 of the Best Compost Bins

1. D.F. Omer Garden Composter Bin

D.F. Omer Garden Composter Bin

Limit waste, save money, and strengthen your soil with the help of this impressive backyard composter from D.F. Omer.

Firstly, this compost bin is well designed. Made from high-quality materials such as black PP plastic, the bin is effective in both regulating heat and moisture, and ensures an overall shorter composting time.

BPA-free recycled plastics create ideal conditions for microbes to grow, as toxins will never impact the vitamin-building process of the compost.

The composting bin also comes with a secure lid and will protect your growing compost from any pests who might be interested in the food scraps. And with a capacity of 110 gallons, it can store a huge amount of compost.

Easy to assemble and straightforward to use, this composting bin requires no digging, shoveling, or hand-mixing to work. As a tumbler composter, simply fill your bin with organic waste and rotate the bin periodically.

An online manual will explain everything you need to get this backyard composter to work immediately. No need to buy plant fertilizers again!


  • High-quality materials ensure the compost is nurtured and protected
  • Secure lid prevents pests from damaging your compost
  • Easy to assemble with an online manual
  • Extra-large capacity at 110 gallons


  • As a tumbler compost bin, it needs to be rotated periodically
  • Does not have a bottom so may stain the ground it is on

2. Algreen Soil Saver Classic Compost bin

Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost bin

Saving you money and helping the environment, this compost bin from Algreen will produce high-quality, rich organic compost in as little as 6 to 8 weeks.

Firstly, this is such a practical compost bin that is easy to use. Dual hatch doors allow you to get to the compost and take it out easily and with no fuss. A locking self-watering lid also keeps animals out, while openings allow air to move through the composter to speed the process up.

Made from BPA free 100% recycled and environmentally-friendly material, this composter has slots and louvers throughout which allow air in and out for aeration and help quicken the breakdown of materials.

We love the high-quality design of this composter too. Resin walls have a thickness of 0.200″ which provides excellent strength and durability against outdoor elements.  This also helps produce and insulate heat, which helps create the perfect environment for microbes to flourish.

Finally, with dimensions of 28″ x 28″ x 32, this compost bin has an extra-large capacity of 94 gallons, which is perfect for all your backyard composting needs.


  • Dual hatch doors make accessing compost incredibly easy
  • Slots and louvers help aerate your compost
  • Extra-large capacity at 94 gallons
  • Includes a free composting guide


  • Does not have a bottom so may stain the ground it is on
  • Plastic bolts that are included may not be strong enough to hold securely. Consider steel bolts.

3. SCD Probiotics All Seasons Indoor Composter with Bokashi

SCD Probiotics All Seasons Indoor Composter with Bokashi

What if you could compost in your kitchen without having to worry about space or bad smells? This composting bin from SCD Probiotics promises to speed up composting and beat bad smells

Creating a sweet, pungent smell when at work, this composter comes with bokashi, a safe, non-toxic compost starter. Enhanced with SCD probiotics and using all the benefits of microorganisms, the bokashi ferments your food waste and quickens it up.

the bokashi composting loses fewer nutrients than traditional methods, making the compost you’re developing richer. No flies. No unpleasant smells. But faster compost, and at a higher quality.

Now let’s talk about the compost bin itself. It holds up to 5 gallons of material which is the perfect size for an indoor container and comes ready-to-use with no assembly required.

It features a lid that locks tightly for easy, airtight fermentation. Made from high-quality, recycled plastic, this compost bin won’t weaken during use or add any harmful chemicals into the compost.

Lastly, we love the built-in spigot (valve) to its design, which offers more ways to access the compost when it’s ready.


  • Bokashi helps the composting process immediately on food scraps
  • It also has a pleasant smell, masking foul odors commonly found in kitchens
  • Spigot means you can access compost easily

4. GEOBIN 216 Gallon Compost Bin

GEOBIN 216 Gallon Compost Bin

This compost bin from GEOBIN works quickly and easily in composting everything from kitchen food scraps to yard waste and more, making it one of the best backyard composters on the market.

Easy to set up with closure keys, and easy to take down at a moment’s notice. With a capacity of 216 gallons, you can compost a large quantity of matter at any one time and will suit both beginners wanting to start composting, and experienced gardeners.

We especially love the design of this compost bin – the many little holes around the wall will keep compost well ventilated at all times and help with aeration, which provides vital oxygen to microbes working in your compost.

This compost bin is very straightforward to use all-year-round. And being made from 50% recycled plastic content, it is an ideal choice for an environmentally conscious gardener.


  • Huge capacity at 216 gallons
  • Holes throughout improve aeration
  • Easy to assemble and to move


  • Does not have a bottom so may stain the ground it is on

5. Exaco AQ 77 AeroQuick Small Compost bin

Exaco AQ 77 AeroQuick Small Compost bin

Well-designed, durable, and compact, this composter will offer you a lifelong service and solve all your composting needs with ease.

Made from high-quality 5 mm thick heavy-duty plastics, this is a long-lasting, durable composter bin that will last up to 15-20 years and offers unmatched value.

Worried about weather damage or being tipped over? This composter bin is incredibly secure and strong enough that you can even stand on! Walls are held together with large, heavy-duty sliding “claps”, which are easy to assemble and disassemble at a moment’s notice.

A unique, active aeration system provides airflow to compost, providing microbes with essential oxygen.

As one of the best backyard composters, this bin is rodent-resistant with a hinging lid and sliding ‘lock’ mechanic to keep unwanted, curious pests at bay.

Lastly, we love that there are two doors from which you can remove your compost – more options mean more ways to suit your garden’s needs!


  • Made from high-quality, long-lasting 5 mm thick heavy-duty plastic
  • Rodent-resistant
  • Two doors to access compost from
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Whilst there is a floor to this compost bin, it may still stain the ground underneath

6. Chef’n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin Black/White

Chef'n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin Black/White

Who knew composting could be so stylish? This countertop composter from Chef’N Store comes with all the tools you need to start composting straight after dinner, in the comfort of your kitchen.

First, let’s address the smells. Some people worry indoor composting brings about foul odors to kitchens. This composter comes with two replaceable natural charcoal filters, which trap and absorb food odors and ensures your kitchen is fresh-smelling and clean.

This composter is also very well-designed. A dual-bucket design has a removable inner bucket, and a built-in handle allows for a great user-friendly experience. Food scraps can easily slide out without any mess.

A tapered bucket allows for easy cleaning that takes only a few seconds. The inner bucket is top-rack dishwasher safe, and simply rinse the outer ceramic with water and wipe clean! You also have the option to line the bucket with a plastic bag for additional cleaning prowess.

Finally, with its compact design of 12.95 x 6.4 x 8.35 inches, and weighing only 4.48 lbs., this composter can easily fit in narrow spaces and easily go undetected in a busy kitchen until it’s needed.

With a capacity of .75 gallons, this countertop composter is ideally suited for homeowners wanting to start composting immediately after food, or where outdoor space is limited.


  • Stylish, compact, and lightweight design
  • Easy to clean, with the inner bucket being dish-washer friendly
  • Charcoal filters mask foul-smelling odors


  • This is a smaller capacity bin of .75 gallons, so ideally is suited for small composting needs only.

7. Composter Outdoor Compost Bin

Composter Outdoor Compost Bin

This is an incredibly durable and long-lasting compost bin that will suit a variety of your composting demands, all year round.

First, let’s talk about the high-quality materials involved. It has UV stabilized materials which means it will not be damaged when exposed to direct sunlight. This gives you more choice in where and when you can place the bin outside.

Four access doors make retrieving the composted material easy and mess-free. A convenient snap on the lid makes using this compost very-straight forward and practical.

With a 65 gallon capacity, you’ll be able to build a large amount of compost at any one time. And weighing only 15 lbs., it’s a lightweight compost bin ideal for moving when you need to.


  • Has a sizeable capacity of 65 gallons whilst still being lightweight (15 lbs)
  • Made of UV stabilized material
  • Four access doors to retrieve composted material
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • No locking system for the lid means the compost may be prone to pests or wind

8. ENLOY Stainless Steel Compost Bin

ENLOY Stainless Steel Compost Bin

Mask unpleasant compost smells in your kitchen with help from this stainless steel compost bin from ENLOY.

How does it work? With the help of activated charcoal filters, foul-smelling odors are trapped and masked, leaving your kitchen smelling fresher and cleaner than before.

This compost bin is equipped with an airtight lid and has a seamless design that prevents any spills from waste material and pests such as fruit flies.

Made from grade 430 stainless steel, the bin itself is rust-resistant and durable and will not release any toxins to the compost inside. With a sturdy handle and weighing only 2.09 lbs., carrying the compost bin outside is easy and practical.

Cleaning is straightforward too, with just warm water and a neutral detergent required to having the bin looking brand new after use.


  • The compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for kitchen use
  • Charcoal filters mask foul-smelling odors
  • Sturdy handle and grade 430 stainless-steel design


  • As it is stainless steel, only use neutral cleaning products – never use alkaline or acidic detergent

9. Tiyafuro Kitchen Countertop or Under-sink Compost Bin

Tiyafuro Kitchen Countertop or Under-sink Compost Bin

With so much versatility, this composter bin from Tiyafuro will seamlessly fit into any kitchen. It’s an ideal choice for people who want to maximize space whilst composting after every meal.

Weighing just 1.65 lbs., this bin can be put on a kitchen countertop just as easily as it can be hung on a cabinet door, pantry door, or underneath a sink.

All mounting accessories come included and promise a quick and easy install.

The horizontal opening design means garbage won’t spill out easily. And with a capacity of 2.4 gallons, it stores a practical amount of compost before you empty it outside.

Easy to load and unload, this composter has a lid specially designed to trap odor and prevent fruit flies. No charcoal filters are required, reducing further costs and maintenance.

Made from high-density polypropylene,e this bin is non-toxic, tasteless, sturdy, and durable. With no crevices, it’s sleek design is easy to clean with soap and water.

Included is a cleaning scraper is provided in the lid of the trash can, which can be used to clean up the trash without getting your hands dirty.


  • Can be hung or placed on a countertop
  • Comes with a host of accessories including a trash bag, hook, pasting board, and scraper.
  • High-quality materials mean it is durable and non-toxic to compost
  • Cons

10. SQUEEZE master XXL Large Compost Bin

SQUEEZE master XXL Large Compost Bin

With a huge capacity of 190 gallons, this is one of the best backyard composters on the market.

A unique design with air holes throughout will improve the aeration of your compost, providing vital oxygen to microbes and improving the compost’s quality.

With no screws or tools required, this composter bin is easy to assemble. Made with high-quality materials, the bin is waterproof and both heat and corrosion-resistant and so will last the test of time.

A unique buckle design means you can fix the compost bin securely in the ground for improved stability. The panels at the bottom of the bin can be lifted to securely take the compost out, offering you lots of accessibility.


  • An impressive 190-gallon capacity
  • High-quality materials including multiple resistances
  • Air holes promote aeration of microbes for better quality compost
  • Easy to assemble – no screws or tools required


  • Does not have a bottom so may stain the ground it is on

11. Exaco Kitchen Compost Waste Collector

Exaco Kitchen Compost Waste Collector

Do you want to start the composting process early? Is space limited? Then this composter bin from Exaco is exactly what you need.

Firstly, this compost bin comes with a carbon filter, which helps eliminate any foul smells which may arise from indoor composting.

The filter also improves air exchange within the compost, which is essential to promoting microorganisms’ work. The lid of the bin snaps shut completely helping to prevent pesky pests such as fruit flies from being attracted to the bin.

This bin is incredibly easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe. Weighing only 1.4 lbs., it’s made of durable, high-density polyethylene. Together with a convenient handle, it is easy to carry and empty.

Finally, with notches on the back, the bin can be mounted onto a wall or the inside of a cabinet door, giving you great versatility in a space-conscious kitchen.


  • Includes a carbon filter to eliminate foul smells
  • Weighs only 1.4 lbs., and a convenient handle allows you to carry the bin
  • Lid snaps shut


  • Filters will need to be replaced (every 3 months)

Compost Bin Buying Guide

With so much choice, here are some tips on choosing the best compost bin for your needs.

Compost bin works

Indoor vs Outdoor – or both?

Indoor compost bins are designed to be compact, lightweight, and will conveniently fit on a kitchen countertop or behind a cabinet door.

They have a smaller capacity of between 0.75-2 gallons and are especially ideal for holding on to food scraps like apple cores, banana skins, and dinner leftovers.

The best indoor bins will be easy to clean, have a handle, and will come with some way of preventing odors from the composting material (seal-tight lid or a filter).

Backyard compost bins are much larger, ranging from 80-200 gallons. As well as holding food scraps, they are also useful in holding grass, weed and garden clippings, fallen leaves, and wood chips.

Many people invest in both an indoor and outdoor composter.

A kitchen composter will start the process immediately after a meal, which can then be emptied into the larger compost bin when full.

As a general rule of thumb, indoor compost bins will be ready over two to five weeks. Outdoor bins will take much longer from two months to more.

Floor or no floor?

This is particularly important for backyard compost bins. Many composters do not come with a bottom, and instead, the compost is in direct contact with the ground at all times.

Because of its weight, density, and the different makeup of materials, compost might stain the ground underneath. For this reason, place the composter in an area where it won’t be moved.

Vegetables in compost bin

Pest Control

Whether indoor or outdoor, you should be wary of pests who will be attracted to the smells of spoiled food. The best composter bins will have protection against this.

But what should you be wary of? With backyard composters, your main concerns will be rats, mice, and raccoons. Ensure your bin is well protected with a sturdy lid, can be sealed-tight, and can’t be tipped over by force or wind.

Indoors, fruit flies can be eliminated with a shut-tight lid. You can also help reduce their numbers by neutralizing the compost’s odor with a filter.

It’s also important for cat and dog-owners to recognize that some pets can become interested in compost bins; if this is the case, place it in an area your pet cannot access.


There are so many reasons why you should start to compost now.

Composting saves you money, it improves your soil, it helps the environment…the list goes on. For that reason, you should start as soon as possible to reap the benefits.

But before you can compost, you need to invest in the proper equipment.

You need the best compost bin on the market.

The best compost bins help in the composting process by:

  • Improving conditions for important microbes
  • Helping protect the compost from pests
  • Keep compost together and organized
  • Helps eliminate unpleasant odors

Whether it’s a kitchen or a backyard composter you’re after, you’ll be able to recycle up to 40% of your household waste and put it to very good use – it makes perfect sense.